Before I went to bed the day before yesterday, I saw someone posted a post on V station 20190204, who had more than 16 GitHub followers before, can receive the airdrop currently worth $2000. I thought it was a joke, but after reading the reply, it seems to be true. It is basically a blockchain enterprise giving benefits to developers. Took ten minutes to get under, and then went to bed.

The next day, a friend in the TG group also got this benefit, and then realized more than 9000 yuan through Alipay. He was moved at that time, and then spent some time to study it, and finally withdrew more than 9000 yuan.

Overall, it’s good. It takes about an hour or two.

The premise condition

  • Have a Github account

  • It has at least 16 followers as of February 2019

  • The private key is still in existence

  • The coin needs to verify the ID card, and the risk is assessed by yourself

Brought the welfare money

Go to www.namebase.io/airdrop for more details, or see the abbreviated version below

Brought the welfare money

Go to www.namebase.io/airdrop for more details, or see the abbreviated version below

Download the project

git clone https://github.com/handshake-org/hs-airdrop.git

Copy the code

Install dependencies

cd hs-airdrop && npm install

Copy the code

Verify the private key and obtain the key

./bin/hs-airdrop < private key address> <address> <fee>Copy the code

You need to wait a certain amount of time, in hours.

Matters needing attention

The./bin/hs-airdrop step requires about 50 MB of data to be downloaded from the Hs-tree-data repository on Github, which will cause the command point to timeout. So I will this warehouse to import giteee, address to https://gitee.com/shidenggui/hs-tree-data

Edit bin/hs-airdrop and add a log to print the location of the downloaded file in the following place. Download the corresponding file from gitee’s repository and put it in this location.

Verify that the address is converted into Bitcoin

This step requires the upload of ID card, so I did not continue at that time. After my friend tried, IT was ok for me to verify. The risk here is assessed by everyone.

Access the console to see the coins received

I’ve changed it into Bitcoins here, so it’s zero.

Verify the address

Click on the figure to verify the verification of the address, will let you input the name, random input, followed by upload id verification

Change into Bitcoin

Go to www.namebase.io/sell and transfer all your coins to the Bitcoin wallet address

What’s the address of Peter’s wallet?

As someone who has only heard of Bitcoin and has no knowledge of the currency community, he has no idea what this thing is and how to operate it.

Fortunately, I have a friend who is very familiar with this. After consulting, it was successfully converted into bitcoin for cash.

Registered exchange account

Friends recommended is OKEx, visit www.okex.com to register and download the corresponding mobile app, after some verification

Get the bitcoin wallet address

Select charging, and then select BTC in the currency to get the corresponding bitcoin wallet address


Convert to Bitcoin

Just fill in the address of the bitcoin wallet obtained in the previous step to the place where the transfer is needed. It will take about an hour or so.


After the bitcoin arrives in the account, it can be sold through the fiat currency area of the exchange, and it can be bound to its own withdrawal channel. Note that there is a one-hour wait for bitcoin to arrive at an exchange account before it can be sold.

Clean up the

Unbind the exchange information, and then uninstall the corresponding app.

The end of the

So at this point, the arbitrage step is over.