In the early days of mining, a lot of people were using their computers to mine, and some were using their computers to mine Ethereum. So often people ask ethereum mining computer configuration recommendation, want to configure their own ethereum mining. This is indeed a feasible method, and some people do it, but now in order to better improve the mining efficiency, more people are directly buying mining machines to mine, which is also the current mining trend.

In a sense, mining machines are not computers, they are designed specifically to mine, and once they cannot mine, they are scrapped. This kind of computer generally uses the mode of burning graphics card, once someone bought the mining machine at home, want to mine at home, but the result can be imagined. Even if you wear earplugs, you can’t stand the loud noise of the mining machine, and the heat generated by the mining machine can’t be removed by always turning on the air conditioner, so direct trustee-in a professional mine becomes a new option.

ETH mining money is mainly the application of independent graphics card to mining money. A PC must be equipped to run the mining moneymaking process. Key hardware configuration includes: independent graphics card, computer motherboard, switching power supply, CPU, running memory, computer hard disk (SSD above 60G is highly recommended), extension cable, converter cable, etc. In which the independent graphics card determines the rate of mining to make money, the computer motherboard, switching power supply is very large level of decision-making mining machine operation level.

As we all know, mining machines used in mining have different computing capabilities. ETH/ Ethereum is currently the second largest cryptocurrency after Bitcoin, and users can mine it through computers (graphics cards). In theory, the more computing power a graphics card has, the more profitable it will be. Currently, popular graphics card models are GTX1060, GTX1070, GTX1080/1080TI and AMDRX570/580. These graphics cards have better computing power.

The GTX1050 has only 2GB of video memory. In the evaluation, the GTX10502G graphics card’s mining capability is 0. The reason is that two gigabytes of video memory doesn’t leave much room for mining. That said, only 4GB of video memory is considered acceptable and therefore cannot mine the GTX1050 (including other graphics cards with lower performance than this).

Because graphics cards vary according to the price of virtual currency, when virtual currency goes up, the price of graphics cards goes up sharply, and graphics cards are out of stock. In addition, there is a very important issue of heat dissipation. The site location should be well ventilated. Video card heat dissipation is very important. The farther away the graphics card, the better the heat dissipation effect. It is a good idea to add a few case fans to the digging machine. Heat dissipation.

The above hardware requirements for mining hosts have been mentioned. Mining machines have low CPU requirements. Usually, when we choose a mining machine CPU, we try to choose the most entry-level processor. Intel CeleronG3900 is used in the configuration. The optional CeleronG3930 is one of Intel’s popular entry-level processors for mining platform needs.