Description: How does an EMR High Security Cluster use Kerberos and Apache Ranger for authentication and access authorization management

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Scene description

AliCloud EMR service Kafka and Hadoop security cluster use Kerberos for user security authentication, and access authorization management through Apacheranger service. Using ApacheWeb server logs as an example, this best practice demonstrates building a log big data warehouse with Kafka and Hadoop based ecological components, and describes how authentication and authorization can be configured through Kerberos and Ranger throughout the data flow.

To solve the problem

1. Create Kerberos-based Emrkafka and Hadoop clusters. 2. Configuration and usage of Kerberos in Kafka and Hadoop clusters for EMR services. 3. Add Kafka, HDFS, Hive and HBase services and access policies to Ranger. 4.Flume and Kafka, HDFS related security configuration.

Product list

  • E-MapReduce
  • Proprietary network VPC
  • Cloud server ECS
  • Cloud Database RDS Edition

Direct best practices

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