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Artifact: Emacs GIF screen recording


2. Dependent installation (MacOS)

2.1 installationimagemagick

brew install imagemagick


The tar packages installed

Problems arise:

(1) Dependent version problem

My solution is to reinstall BREW. See Reinstall BREW

Note: I chose HKUST Source

2.2 installationffmpeg

brew install ffmpeg

2.3 installationgifsicle

brew install gifsicle

Three, configuration use

3.1 configurationinit.el

(with-eval-after-load 'gif-screencast
  (setq gif-screencast-args '("-x")) ;; To shut up the shutter sound of `screencapture' (see `gif-screencast-command').
  (setq gif-screencast-cropping-program "mogrify") ;; Optional: Used to crop the capture to the Emacs frame.
  (setq gif-screencast-capture-format "ppm")) ;; Optional: Required to crop captured images.

3.2 Common commands

The command instructions
M-x gif-screencast Start recording
M-x gif-screencast-toggle-pause The stop
M-x gif-screencast-stop To stop recording

Note: The default save path is ~/Videos/emacs