Emmm, the function is super all true, appearance level is extremely high should be half is true, after all appearance level this thing, different people see each other 🤪

What? I wrote another music player, but this time I wrote it with React. I used React for more than two months during my internship, but I almost forgot about It two months after the internship, so I decided to write a project to review it.

In addition, I used Vue to implement a simple mobile terminal Web version of music client. Although the functions are relatively full, there is still a certain distance from daily use.

So this time I decided to write a desktop music player directly, and follow two main points: 1. 2. To use, do not say more nonsense, to do.

Knock on the keyboard ~~, knock on the keyboard ~~, knock on the keyboard ~~, success! Success! Finally the first working version!!

All right, all right.

Project address: Here Music, if you like, don’t forget to click Star oh, thank you ~ 😝

Welcome interested partners and I develop together, the code is not complex ah, after all, I so water can be out of it (a person design and write code very tired 🥺) ~

Based on Electron, React, Redux, Nedb to build a simple and easy to use desktop music player 👏


HERE is based on Binaryify/NeteaseCloudMusicApi Music provides the netease cloud Music API, using Electron, React, Redux, Nedb developed a netease cloud Music to a third party.

It is beautiful, simple, elegant and easy to use. The first version has been released and is ready for daily use.

Because I am the only one testing for the time being, there may be some bugs that HAVE not been found by me. If you find any bugs during use, please tell me in the issue, and I will fix them in time.

If you are interested in the development of HERE Music, you are welcome to participate in the development of the project.

The installation


Download the .dmg file.

Because I need to review the spring rules later, so I just pack the Mac version for the time being. Other platforms will support it later. Please give me some time 😣.



Description Keys
Pause/play Space
The volume and Up
The volume reduction Down
In a song Cmd + Left
The next song Cmd + Right
Like the song Cmd + L
search Cmd + F

Support functions

  • Recommend the playlist
  • list
  • Playlist display
  • Details of the song
  • The lyrics show
  • Details of the singer
  • The playlist
  • Like the song
  • Collect the playlist
  • Play Mode Switching
  • Collect the playlist
  • The search function
  • Import or export favorites
  • Progress bar display
  • The progress of the jump
  • The volume control
  • shortcuts
  • Global shortcut key
  • Category of favorite songs

Participated in the development of HERE Music

Let me know if you have any ideas or requirements in the issue, and pull requests are welcome

There is always a limit to what you can do, so everyone is welcome to participate in the development of HERE Music

In the discussion

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Here Music © CaiJin, Released under the MIT License.

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The project address

Here Music, if you like, don’t forget to click Star oh, thanks ~ 😝