1. Install SpringBoot plugin

Help -> Eclipse Marketplace -> Search ↓

Just install it all the way

2. Create SpringBoot project

If you don’t find it, restart Eclipse

Next ↓, the default is connectionhttps://start.spring.io, but may fail, as shown in the figure below

This is the time to put”https://start.spring.io”Switch to”http://start.aliyun.com”

↓ after successful connection

Select the desired bag ↓

Default domain name 8080, here changed to 8000, enter the URL to see the success

—————— A simple SpringBoot project is now created

3. Possible error report

  • If POM reports an error, check the local version of SpringBoot with org.springframework in red in the entry file, replace the version number, and right-click on pom.xml-> REFRESH