Module 1 Components

  • Legend legend
  • Tooltip prompt window
  • YAxis y
  • XAxis x
  • The toolbox tools
  • Give the user an indication of where the data is in the current high, middle, and low levels.
  • DataZoom area zoom slider
  • The grid grid lines
  • Graphic Native graphic element component

The second module is data storage

  • The dataset data set
  • Color palette

Module 3 Coordinate system

  • Polar coordinates (scatter diagram and broken line diagram)
  • RadiusAxis The radial axis of a polar coordinate system
  • The angular axis of a polar coordinate system
  • Radar Coordinate system
  • Geo coordinate system (map drawing)
  • Parallel coordinate system (historically, each category on the x axis corresponds to one on the y axis)
  • ParallelAxis Coordinate axes in a parallel coordinate system
  • SingleAxis (scatter plot) (the old y axis corresponds to an x axis for each category)
  • Calendar coordinate system
  • BlendMode blendMode for graphics

The fourth module data screening display

  • Brush selects part of the data in the image

The fifth module text display class

  • Title Main title and subtitle
  • AxisPointer Axis indicator (indicating the current axis scale)
  • Aria barrier-free pattern
  • DarkMode Specifies whether the mode is dark
  • BackgroundColor background color
  • Series Most important table information !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • TextStyle Global font style
  • HoverLayerThreshold Number of graphics threshold (enable a separate Hover layer to optimize loading when drawing multiple tables in a Canvas at the same time)

The sixth module is dynamic change class

  • Timeline Dynamically changes data based on time
  • Animation (and a series of Ainimation configurations, omitted here)


Save a few Echart study sites

Every CDN every website at https://www.jsdelivr.com/package/npm/echarts?path=dist https://echarts.apache.org/examples/zh/index.html#chart-type-lines3DCopy the code