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Easyplayer. js supports VR video playback

Posted on Aug. 5, 2022, 12:42 p.m. by Bradley Carroll
Category: The development tools Tag: WebVR

As the VR industry has spread to other industries in addition to audio and video, we also continue to invest in the development of web video VR playback. Recently, TSINGSEE Video has just mastered the function of web video player easyPlayer. JS for VR video playback, and will accelerate the merger and release on the main branch of EasyPlayer.JS.

As for the traditional form of live broadcast in the past, the selection of VR panorama is more diversified, and the effect is more real and immersive. More high-definition visual presentation, which is also the focus of TSINGSEE Video'S VR video playback.

As a web video player easyPlayer. JS, the playback of VR video is an interactive virtual reality based on the Internet, which has the characteristics of desktop and distributed virtual reality system, namely WebVR system. WebVR will be the top priority of VR technology development this year.

2016 is known as the first year of VR, and THE fragmentation of VR has gradually emerged. From this year, the main development task of WebVR is to increase the adaptability of cross-platform. So far, different platforms have formed a complete control system and ecosystem.

Google, as one of the earliest platforms to release VR experience, has a relatively mature system in terms of adaptation and experience, which also brings a more scalable solution to WebVR. Easyplayer. JS will be displayed on Google's webpage more mature than other platforms.

The charm of WebVR lies in its ability to adapt and utilize the technologies and applications we already have. As more and more applications and browsers add WebVR features, the entire VR content ecosystem in the Internet world will become more and more complete.

Easyplayer. JS support for WebVR is part of our industry's evolution. In the future, easyPlayer. JS will not only enable users to experience online VR content without downloading or installing it, but also keep the characteristics of the Internet as we know it: open and easy to use.

At present, the EasyPlayer project has been perfected in the playback integration of ordinary web pages. If there is any need, you can download and try it out. At the same time, you are welcome to learn more about the video player or video-related solutions.

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