Recently, there is more and more content about mobile website development or APP light application. There are some good ways to develop quickly, but not systematically. Here is a book recommended. After learning, it can be made in 20 minutes. In fact, it is not difficult. It is systematic learning.

PhoneGap is designed to quickly develop mobile cross-platform apps. It is based on HTML 5 and supports the most popular mobile devices in the market. HTML 5+PhoneGap Mobile Apps in Action features a quick learning of how to develop mobile apps using HTML 5 and PhoneGap. “Building a cross-platform APP: HTML 5+PhoneGap” is divided into three chapters. The first chapter introduces some new elements of HTML 5 for mobile page design, including the background of mobile development, mobile layout, geographic location, Web storage, multimedia, and so on. The second article describes some of the APIs that PhoneGap uses to help develop HTML 5 applications, including event handling, information handling, acceleration, geolocation, compass, local storage, multimedia, and more. The last article introduces the development process and implementation code of two projects of HTML 5+PhoneGap to develop mobile APP through two examples. “Building a Cross-platform App: HTML 5+PhoneGap Mobile Application Practics” is suitable for people who have a certain foundation of HTML+CSS+JavaScript web development, and can be used as a training material.