The perfect life is to graduate from college at the age of 18 and 22, have a stable job at the age of 25, buy a house, get married and have children before the age of 30, and set the course of your life after the age of 35…

But each time schedule has tasks that must be done

So, don’t we have any other way to live?

As the other speaker began with a minute or so:

Some people know exactly what they want at 16, but change their minds at 26.

I know people who have children but are still single.

Some people get married, but wait 10 years to have a child.

Some people are in a relationship, but love someone else;

Some people clearly love each other, but not together.

Everything in life depends on our own time. Some of your friends may be ahead of you, some may be behind you, but everything has its own pace

So, no matter what the moment is, keep a calm heart and take it easy. What you want will come.

For example, Jiang Ziya didn’t take charge until he was 80 years old, Sima Yi was promoted until he was over 60 years old, and Liu Bei didn’t have his own team until he was over 40 years old. So, it’s never too late. What should come will come.

You know, sometimes life goes slowly and steadily, but will get closer to the life you want faster, some things come a little later, wait a little longer,

Often more precious. As Gyatso the Living Buddha said, “Everything is the best arrangement.” The fate of everything is very precise; Road is stepped out, history is written by people, people every step of the action are writing their own history. Life is all about waiting for the right moment to act, so don’t envy them or laugh at them. Don’t be so quick to let fate give you all the answers. Sometimes, you have to be patient and wait.

Even if you shout to empty valley, also have to wait for a while, before you can hear the long echo. The Shurangama Sutra says, “If you can transform things, you will be the same as the Tathagata.” Whether meet good fate, adverse fate, prosperity, adversity, as long as you are willing to wait, the good life, always in your casual, dress up to come. Finally, in the time zone of life, wish you out of half a life, return is still a teenager. May you always believe that everything will come to you on time.

“Take your time, everything is too late” — love view, outlook on life

Dream is not just do it, anything ls possible (Nike +LIning)

Where there is an experience, there must be an echo —- so your efforts are not in vain

Because I know I am seriously living every day, because I am trying to step towards my dream, so every day is fulfilling and happy. I was no longer anxious when I thought about it. I asked myself again, if give yourself two years to learn spoken English, slowly, give yourself 20 years to realize the dream, slowly, is it OK? The answer is yes. I immediately relaxed, and when I allowed myself to take my time, I suddenly felt that light, down-to-earth strength return to my body.

A friend asked me, will you stay in Shanghai forever? I would say I don’t know, because I think the future is confused and the future is unpredictable. I have always had a lot of confusion about life, and I think it is these confusion that impels me to think, to strive, and to move forward.

I don’t know what I want, what should I do? I’ll tell you, so go look for it. In your early 20s, it’s perfectly normal not to know what you want. It’s also a blessing, because when you’re confused, you start to think and take steps to find what you want.

If you really didn’t find the thing that oneself like, please don’t let any chance to try it, you can accept challenges, to try to do all sorts of things, don’t take yourself too seriously, discard the false pride, don’t be afraid to make a fool of yourself, don’t be afraid of failure, you allow yourself often fail, even for you in the face of failure experience, and the courage to give oneself constantly to, All you have to do is keep trying until you find what you really love and what you want to work for. Give yourself time, give yourself time, give yourself the courage to fail, and give yourself the passion to continue with your dreams, because the hardest thing is not to fail, but to remain enthusiastic in the face of failure over and over again.

Life is never planned out, it is planned out. Find something you love and do a little of it every day, and over time you’ll see yourself grow.

For many people like me who don’t have the ability to think for themselves or learn from the lessons of other people’s history, it is only through experience that they can know what kind of life they want. If they don’t know what kind of life they want, they can at least know what kind of life they don’t want.

I have always wondered why so many people calculate their lives in this way. Life is really not calculated. Someone said: “Only one life, need to live a true disposition.” True nature is when you don’t repress your own needs, you listen to your own inner voice and live the life you want. Maybe I’ll get married and have kids while I’m at school? Even if you finish school, what if you get married and have children when you’re old? What if I never get married and have kids? Isn’t there happiness? Do you need someone to say “yes” to feel good in your life? Does your sense of security come from conforming to the norms set by social conventions? Is your happiness based on other people looking at your life with envy? The real strong is in the journey of life to transform into only responsible for their own voice of talent.

Those who find their life dreams early and follow the destiny of the people, of course, are very lucky; But those who haven’t found their way yet need not agonize, because it’s not too late. Give yourself the chance to take your time. Our old people in the countryside often tell the young: the rice to eat, the road to go step by step.

I often tell myself that if I want to do something, I need to do it immediately, or I will be like those people who envy me but give themselves many reasons not to do anything.

There is only one kind of heroism, is to recognize the truth of life and still love life

Thoreau said, “Life has no value unless you choose it and give it value. There is no place for happiness, unless you bring happiness for yourself.”

“It is often said that I insist well, in fact, really like things do not ‘insist’, let yourself become healthy, really easy, keep running, will not be old. You can enjoy the beautiful scenery along the way and enjoy the joy of sports. Life is a marathon. The one who is healthy can run longer!”

“You don’t have to keep doing what you really love.”

So it’s important to find something you like. Because of love, you don’t have to insist hard, but also because of love, you are willing to invest time, energy, long-term success is a natural thing. The same applies when it comes to finding love. Find the person you really like, and together, there is no need to insist on, too hard business, just because you are together like, happy, full. The longer we are together, the better love becomes like wine.

One of the benefits of splitting goals, as Yamada puts it, is that it makes big, scary goals more approachable and realistic. When you know in your heart that your goal is attainable, you won’t give up on your action for fear of failure. There are many reasons why people procrastinate. One of them is that they set their goals too high and fear that they will not be able to achieve them, which is actually the fear of failure. Focusing on your goals can reduce or avoid procrastination caused by fear of failure. Second, refining the target can also increase confidence. When you feel that your goals are attainable and easy to achieve, you’ll have more confidence. It goes without saying that confidence plays an important role in completing the task.

“As long as we think of something that can kill two birds with one stone or three birds with one stone, we are more likely to have the feeling of ‘earning’ and continue to do so because of our ‘lust’,” Wu Danru said in his book The Science of Time Management and Happiness.

“Find multiple purposes for one thing” applies to both work and school.

When you do something, reinforcing its positive meaning and finding other purposes for it will not only make you happy to do it, but also make your life positive, productive and full of positive energy.

When it rained, I hurried home as soon as I got off work. As soon as I arrived at the top of the stairs, I read in my mouth: instant noodles, instant noodles, poached eggs, poached eggs… (How easily satisfied I am a real foodie.) Then I snap the door open, kick off my high heels and cook instant noodles in a saucepan, steaming hot with egg poached while the rain pounded outside. On a rainy night, holding the pot and eating instant noodles, I will feel very happy!

Take the time to be lonely. Take advantage of the good times to enjoy the moon rising and sunset alone, and face the ups and downs of life alone. Loneliness is an important companion in life. Learn to be alone. Those who are happy in being alone may have the freest life. I feel more and more that one’s life is in the final analysis a process of getting along with oneself and fighting with oneself. One should get along with one’s myriad emotions, struggle with one’s various desires, and constantly struggle with one’s weakness, inertia and inferiority. Love, hate, greed, hate, delusions and slowness are all one’s own.

Last week I met a friend I hadn’t seen for a while and he told me I had become confident. I understand that my confidence does not come from an increase in salary, consumption ability or working ability. It comes from believing that I have the ability to further improve and change myself. At the same time, I can see my limitations and accept what can be changed and what cannot be changed. Believe that you have the ability to love yourself and others; Believe that you live well alone.

Before, I had been running away from life and keeping a certain distance from it. I felt that where and what kind of life I wanted was not what I wanted. In the past two years, I feel that I gradually down-to-earth, began to live in a good life, although not good enough, but has been in progress. Suddenly look back, I a person passed so much time, also went far away, from rural to urban, from waste to prosperity, from the middle of the night to early morning, from weak to strong, from difficult to easy, from pain to ecstasy, all of these I have a person walked one by one, even though I walk slowly, but I get very hard very hard, never stop because of the fear.

Through observation and experience, I have found that the biggest difference between those who act with little preparation and those who act with full preparation is the difference in the way they perceive life. The former thinks that life is a collection of various experiences, while the latter thinks that life is a file of various successes. As a result, the former tend to be energetic and adventurous, full of courage and confidence. Focusing on process, willing to accept changes and challenges, not afraid of failure, optimistic mood, facing failure is relatively relaxed and positive, think that at least can harvest an experience. Such a person often bold experiment, dare to break the rules, willing to do many unknown things; The latter are timid, lack courage and confidence, and are totally goal-oriented. Fear of change and challenge, is also very afraid of failure, a failure can kill his life, as long as the pressure is heavy, even get into the depression and destruction of the unable to extricate themselves, such as many dare not to, so fewer experience, and conditioned by their thinking in various restrictions, hiding in his own thought in the safety zone.

“Resources will not be given to you when you are in need. They will only be given to you when you are really rich,” said Li. When you take steps to improve and enrich yourself, focus on things that improve you, and learn and develop higher skills, many opportunities will come your way.

Every pain you experience is a secret gift (it’s hard to think this way), and I hope you learn, grow, and grow from each pain you experience. If the pain you experience is only pain, and you cannot transform the pain into the nourishment of life, to pour into the flower of strength in your heart, then you may be miserable and fragile all your life, and have no chance to be strong, and can not find your own sense of existence.

As I wrote the plan reluctantly, I thought of all the work that lay ahead of me and how I would have to submit it the next day. The stress, anger, resentment, accusations, hostility, and frustration all rushed over me. I broke down and began to cry. Realizing that tears were coming from my eyes, I was terrified by the fact that I was “crying”. Although this was not the first time for me to cry because of work pressure, it was two years ago. After all, I have been working for three years, so I am so vulnerable. At this time, a voice in my heart sounded: “Can crying solve the problem? Is someone forcing you to do this? Who has caused this situation? What are you going to do?”

It is a normal psychology that everyone has, but it does not mean that it is a good thing. On the contrary, it is the very reason that leads to many people’s unhappy life.

Yes, we need to stop complaining. Complaining does nothing but harm. Complaining doesn’t do anything positive. Complaining can also limit our thinking and prevent us from working effectively. Because when we complain, we focus on what we don’t want, we talk about the negative things that go wrong, and when we focus on something, that thing expands. The words we use to complain affect our thinking, which in turn affects our thoughts and attitudes, which can have a negative impact on our life. Complaining can also affect our relationships. Who wants to work with someone who complains all the time?

Bronnie Ware, who cares for terminally ill patients, has heard from many people on their deathbed who share their greatest regrets. She outlined the top five regrets most people have.

  1. I wish I had had the courage to live the life I truly want, not the life others expect of me. I wish I hadn’t put so much energy into my work. 3. I wish I had had the courage to express my feelings. 4. I wish I had stayed in touch with my friends. 5. I wish I had let myself be happier.

He wrote the book after personally hearing the last words of more than 1,000 patients, and the top five are:

  1. Not doing what you want to do. 2. Not fulfilling your dreams. 3. You’ve done something wrong with your conscience. 4. Live your life by your emotions. 5. Not helping as much as you can.

I think the meaning of life is important to everyone. In his book Happiness, German philosopher Wilhelm Schmid expressed the view that happiness is not the most important thing in life, meaning is. What we are really looking for and building is not happiness, but meaning. I think maybe when we find meaning in our lives, we will feel more valuable, happier, and more able to overcome the nothingness and disillusionment of life.

I advocate looking at the shadow of my childhood positively. If our past experiences, education, family and social circumstances determine our future, isn’t that a signal that our lives have been planned out long before? How terrible is that? It’s irresponsible to blame all your problems on the shadow of your childhood. Where do you leave your initiative and creativity? If you follow this theory, you will live with a very negative energy, and I urge everyone not to believe in it.

Although procrastination affects 72.8% of the world’s population, and while it’s a terrible, persistent disease, the cure is simple: act now. Lian Yue says in his column: “If something is bothering you, do it for three minutes before you do it. If you’re a columnist and you’ve been dragging on an article since last night, sit down right now, open your clipboard, write for 180 seconds, and magic happens. After three minutes, you will continue to write until you have finished.”

In “The Road Less Traveled,” he says, “Delaying gratification means not seeking temporary comfort, but reordering the pleasures and pains of life: first, facing the problem and feeling the pain; Then, solving the problem and enjoying greater happiness is the only way to live.”

  1. Don’t be too quick to label yourself. If you don’t have sleepless nights for 20 days in a row, just because of such things as broken love, depressed mood, being criticized by the leader, not working well, then, don’t label yourself as insomnia, obsessive-compulsive disorder, depression and so on. It’s not a fad thing to jump on, because once you have a label, you tend to get stuck in that comfortable label, not taking responsibility for yourself, and not having the drive and energy to change your behavior.
  2. Manage your day. Do not think that many things can not be done in the daytime, do not do well, this is a bad psychological implication. I have a friend who thinks that you can’t write in the daytime, and that you can only write in the dead of night. In fact, you can write in the daytime, and as soon as you start to write, you will get into it. Learn to actively do scientific time planning during the day, improve the efficiency of the day, avoid procrastination, work tasks in the day to complete, save the night for sleep.

Every year on March 21st is World Sleep Day, and on this day there is a campaign to “get an extra hour of sleep” as part of the global campaign for healthy sleep

Let’s say goodnight to each other See you off This hasty day is worth remembering, Please treasure what should be forgotten, Don’t hesitate. Let’s say goodnight to each other, Take advantage of the new tomorrow, seize the bright future, cherish your glorious life, Wish you walk into sweet dreams, Have a quiet night, Good night, Say it again. See you tomorrow

Where you spend your time, that area will give you back the results, and all the efforts will not be wasted. So it is in study, so it is in work, so it is in love.

Is interest really that important? It’s not. Enthusiasm brought by interest is only the initial spark, but we need to keep on putting in to start a prairie fire if we want to start a prairie fire. People become more and more interested in a thing because they do it better and better, not because they are interested in something.