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Don't ask majors! Ask is the computer repair

Posted on Nov. 27, 2023, 10:14 p.m. by 葛佳樺
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Clams live! Today, I was asked by a friend who is just learning JAVA: what can I do with Learning JAVA? I don't know where to start. What can you do with Learning JAVA? Many new JAVA friends should have this question, if not clear, like every time to tell neighbors, relatives that they are a computer major, they think you repair computers, air conditioning, the same.

First the JAVA

Back in the beginning, when I first learned JAVA, I didn't know what JAVA could do, but just to get credit, I just went to learn it confused. I believe that many beginners have the same idea as me at the beginning, for example, there is a high level of attention on this question.

The "100,000 whys" in the minds of many new JAVA learners

Learn what JAVA does

In order to avoid the awkward situation when your neighbors and relatives know that your major is computer and ask you to help repair the computer and air conditioning, this question first gives a more close to life example to introduce JAVA in our life to play some roles.

In modern society, we are inseparable from wechat, QQ and other communication software, but when you use these communication software, have you ever thought about how they know: "you are you"?

You will find that you need to register an account when logging in for the first time, and then you need to enter your account and password or mobile phone verification code when logging in. After successful verification, you can enter wechat and QQ.

JAVA plays an important role in why you can enter your own interface based on the correct account password and see your own chat history and emojis instead of others. (Here we use the JAVA language for example, and some other languages besides JAVA can also be implemented.)

In your registration process, in fact, the background of the program would save your account and password to a warehouse (as we usually password is more afraid of forget, will be recorded in the notebook), each time after login, it will go to the warehouse queries whether there is any input account and password when login, if present, then login successful, otherwise, login fails.

Above involves a save account password and account password verification procedures, this procedure can use the JAVA language to achieve, and then there will be friends to ask, these two processes are quite simple, implementation should be very easy.

Indeed, the process is quite simple, but the implementation needs to consider many problems, for example, if the password is directly stored in the warehouse, once the warehouse is discovered by others, others can use your account password login, this problem can not be tolerated, so we need to encrypt the password when storing the password.

WeChat, QQ this software, hundreds of millions of people who register and log in at the same time, a warehouse storage is not enough, need to expand more warehouse, how to allocate more than one warehouse storage and can be found in the corresponding warehouse this account and password are all need to consider this program, it comes up, the program it was pretty much things to consider.

JAVA can do a lot of things with JAVA, but I still don't know what to say. Yes, this is just a close-to-life example of what JAVA can do, but here's a more detailed look at what JAVA can do!

First, build a website (such as personal blog)

When I first learned JAVA, WHEN I was looking for the answer to my homework on the Internet, I saw other people's colorful websites with various layouts. Every time, I envied them in my heart. What kind of god could build this kind of website? After learning for many years, I found that the construction of the website is not so difficult as imagined, and it can be realized by using JAVA.

If you want to have a website of your own, learning JAVA is a great way to do it. We usually see a lot of websites on the Internet, the background implementation involves the JAVA language.

Second, develop applications

Android phone must be known to everyone, Android system as the default android phone system, but also the world's largest smartphone operating system, its applications are developed using JAVA language. As the latest operating system launched by Huawei, The application on Hongmeng also supports the development of JAVA language, which shows the wide application range of JAVA language.

3. Develop games

In the early days, many games on mobile phones were developed in JAVA language, and there were also games developed in JAVA on computers. The most classic ones are: Minecraft (MC for short), however, has been gradually phased out due to various performance reasons, but there is no denying that it has had a great time (the case of tank battles will be implemented in JAVA later in the course).

Four, employment to make money

Believe many choices of computer professional students more or less because of the industry development prospects and pay better than most other professional, that were true, though computer science is now very volumes, each year in addition to the university and various training institutions made a large number of students, but the wages in the industry it is located in the forefront, If you are interested in this major, it is a very good choice to choose this major. As long as you study hard, your salary will be very competitive.

Now I think that if I had really understood the purpose of learning JAVA, I would have spent more time and energy to learn it well, rather than muddling along.

As a result, the idea of learning JAVA again came to my mind, hoping that my personal experience can help those who are just learning JAVA or are still confused.

Note: "Relearning JAVA" series of articles to university tutorials, JAVA programming ideas and personal social practical experience, the combination of book theory and work practice, explain the JAVA knowledge point from simple to deep, very suitable for beginners to learn JAVA and consolidate the foundation of the small partners to learn.

How to relearn

Back to their original learning JAVA, every time the problem can not be solved, the idea of giving up countless times in my mind, thinking that if there is a person can ask how good ah.

To help beginners JAVA junior partner to solve this problem, the heavy learning JAVA series specially added "community disambiguation" module, as long as meet with difficulties in the learning process, can consult, inside the administrators will regularly to questionable friend answer, if there is a community friend actively help, can also get points, and receive community awards.

Reference tutorials:

Applicable people

1. If you are still a student and don't know how to learn JAVA or are not keeping up with your teacher, use it for reference.

2, if you are also a worker, feel confused about the future, it is better to follow the author to retrace the college life, to find the original heart.

3. If you want to change your major to THE IT industry, you might as well read this article as an introduction to popular science.

If you are idle and bored, you can also use it as a conversation topic after dinner.

After a brief introduction to the relearn series, we will look back at some common doubts for beginners and express our personal views as a person who has experienced them.

How do beginners start learning? Which is more effective (reading a book or watching a video)?

From my personal point of view, the most important thing for beginners to learn JAVA is to lay a solid foundation, because the JAVA knowledge system is very large, and if the foundation is not stable enough, it is easy to rise to a deeper level in the future, there will be a situation of half-understanding.

Like a lot of crash training course, course of professor more is to deal with the knowledge of the interview, so lead to many people through the crash course of foundation is relatively weak, the entry is not a problem after complete the thinking to solve the problem (here is not to say that the training organization is not good, but some quick tutorial problems).

In college or self-study, through specialized teaching material, can have more freedom to arrange time, following tutorials from basic began to learn, develop gradually found that the problem, thinking and problem solving skills, ability is not happen overnight, but need to constantly practice, make mistakes, to summarize, finally making progress.

For beginners, the blogger thinks that the main learning routes for beginners are as follows:

As to which way of learning is more effective, it's a matter of opinion. How to read: If you're in school, this is inevitable, and the information in the book is more clearly described so you can refer to it when you forget it.

The way to watch the video: it is more simple and intuitive. Some people will analyze and explain the knowledge point, which is easier to understand. However, understanding is not equal to learning, but you need to do it yourself.

Why does the total feeling fall behind teacher's progress when learning

Many beginners will encounter the problem, in the university class always feel that the progress of the teacher's lecture is very fast, I did not understand the knowledge of the teacher has begun to explain the next knowledge, confidence has been hit, some students even on this course with a dislike of the heart.

As a personal experience, the blogger analyzed the causes of this problem with his personal experience:

First, go to university to learn more professional courses, after the same course class time is no longer as relatively concentrated, and high school life and at the same time all sorts of community activities occupy our free time, cause we have no more time and energy to preview the text in advance knowledge and lesson learned knowledge, more important is not a learning atmosphere. If the knowledge points are not reviewed and consolidated in time, they will be gradually forgotten (just like the famous Ebbinghaus forgetting curve - as shown in the figure below). Finally, they will feel that the progress of the teacher's lecture is very fast and they cannot keep up with it.

Therefore, in order to keep up with the progress of the teacher in class, appropriate pre-class preparation and after-class review are necessary. However, in this process, new problems may be encountered. If they cannot be solved, more and more questions will be raised, which will hit my confidence in learning this course. This problem can be easily solved if there is an environment where people can discuss and consult with each other.

So, in the heavy learning series launched a "community punch disambiguation" module, you can clock in time every day to the community, develop the good habit of preview and review in advance, at the same time, if in the preview and review the new problems in the process, you can also in the community to ask questions and consult, administrators, and community members see after will give the feedback in time.

Members who punch in and answer questions receive community rewards (notebooks, books, mugs, calendars, etc.) and make like-minded friends.

Address: Chongxue Community

JAVA knowledge system is too complex, learn and forget what to do

After more than 20 years of development since its inception in 1995, JAVA has become more and more functional and larger in architecture, making it impossible to master them all. But study! = Hard memorization, memorizing knowledge does not mean that you have really learned it, learning a knowledge is more to understand the reason for its occurrence, what problems it can solve, and what scenarios to use it to solve problems.

If you ask two different people to answer: What is object-oriented programming? I'm sure you'll get two popular explanations instead of the book's definition. When learning too much knowledge system, the way we may forget some knowledge to use, but we know to be able to use this knowledge to solve the problem, and can't say it is time for you to forget the knowledge, only that you forgot to use some of the details, like baidu browser can quickly find the corresponding way.

Besides now development tools BBS is also more and more intelligent and technology rapid development, more than ninety-five percent of the problems you meet in all kinds of BBS to be able to find the answer, so, you just need to know which technology to solve problems using what, on the BBS you can quickly find the technology way of use, and do not have to keep every technical points.

How to apply the knowledge from the textbook to the final design or project, and always feel that the knowledge learned can not complete the design

I believe that many beginners have encountered or will encounter this problem, usually in the classroom teachers can understand, but once I finish my homework alone, I feel that I do not understand where I do not understand, as if I have not learned this knowledge.

The reason for this is simple: you understand, but you don't learn. The ancients have a saying: the paper come zhongjue shallow, must know this to practice. There is no real understanding of a knowledge point, need their own hands-on practice to know, therefore, when you have this problem to prove that you have too little practical experience, how to prevent this problem? Bloggers have the following suggestions:

1. If you feel that you have learned a certain knowledge point by reading a book or watching a video, you must find some practical cases to operate, or imagine how to explain the knowledge point to others so that others can understand you. In the process, you may encounter a lot of problems, you need to figure out the cause and effect of these problems, and solve them one by one, when you really understand.

Three people, there must be my teacher yan. When learning, we should be good at communicating with others. Everyone thinks from different angles and understands different knowledge points. Only by learning from each other can we master knowledge more effectively. Communication does not necessarily mean face to face. Nowadays, with the development of the Internet, we can learn from each other through various forums and exchange groups.

How do you know where you are with JAVA

JAVA Foundation = "JAVA Web Foundation =" Database Foundation = "JAVA Framework =" Network Protocol = "Linux. How do you know your learning progress in the corresponding module?

The way is very simple, first of all, you need to learn the knowledge in the module, and then each module is verified by the corresponding practical project. If you can use the knowledge in the module properly to complete the corresponding practical project, Demonstrate that you have no problem understanding and using the modules initially (each chapter and module in this tutorial will have a corresponding problem set or practice project to reinforce the knowledge).

If you want to further master the knowledge, you need to comb the knowledge points of corresponding modules into a knowledge system of your own understanding, connect each module, and then consolidate these knowledge through more practical projects. This is a gradual process that grows with your learning experience.

How do people keep learning JAVA so boring

Learning alone is really a lonely exercise, which the blogger has experienced personally and has many times thought about giving up. The reason why LEARNING is boring is that we are not aware of it and have not received feedback. Everyone hopes that their efforts can be rewarded. Sometimes they say that they are willing to pay without asking for anything in return, but if they can receive feedback, they will have more motivation to continue.

For beginners to encounter the same problem, blogger, specially added in the heavy learning JAVA series and community disambiguation 】 【 reward 】 【 community module, blogger regularly to learn together friend exchanges disambiguation, talk about the fun at work, give you answer in doubt, studying at the same time, the blogger will send active learners regular benefits, Let everyone feel that their learning is able to receive feedback, more motivated to continue learning.

At what point do YOU need to learn JAVA to get a job

As mentioned above, JAVA has an enormous body of knowledge, so at what level do you need to learn to get a job? The blogger thinks that if you learn the above knowledge body outline and can build a front and back end project from scratch and implement the corresponding functionality, it will be easier to go out and find a job.

Why dare you say that? It is also a blogger's experience, the second semester of my junior year, bloggers also follow after the online video learning, their starting from 0 all set up a project and will function implementation, then alone to find a internship in shenzhen, after a week of the interview, choose among several Offer satisfactory company into the job.

Although the blogger only interviewed for the internship position for a week, he entered the job, but also stepped in a lot of holes, so I hope to give some advice to those who are still in school or preparing for the internship.

1. In university, I must consolidate my basic knowledge (besides JAVA foundation, there are also data structure and network protocol, etc.). What the teacher teaches in the course is only the most basic knowledge, and I must find time to learn from the classroom (the content not only includes the knowledge in books, but also various expanded knowledge).

2. If there are professional competitions or software offices in your school, try to attend them, even if it's just to run, but attending these activities will broaden your horizons, meet more people, and you will find yourself with more to learn.

3, If you want to enter DACHang, try your best to brush algorithm questions from freshman year (niuke, Leetcode and other websites are ok). For fresh graduates, because they don't have much internship experience, dachang more tests your mastery of basic knowledge (such as data structure, algorithm), and whether the university has the corresponding professional certificates or awards.

4, interview arrangement for sequence, beginning the interview can choose a few you feel less important, try first hand experience, behind to arrange themselves more interested companies, interns can choose giant had better choose select the first company is very important), a consortium so if good performance in practice directly can become a full member, You can just start right after graduation, you don't have to go around and start all over again like everyone else.

Do not go to the city without an interview invitation, because it takes a certain amount of time to book an interview and screen your resume, and going in advance will only cost more money.

The blogger has also written some previous posts about algorithms and interview tutorials, so you can check them out if you are interested.

Algorithmic column: Algorithmic practice Diary

Interview Column: Interview Practice Diary

What knowledge will be used in the work

In fact, the following Knowledge points often used in work have been basically included in the JAVA knowledge system, more importantly, in the process of learning to consciously develop a way to solve problems.

Write in the last

Unconsciously, the article has come to 5,000 words, due to the space limit, in fact, many things to express did not expand in detail, so the blogger wrote some of his work experience and learning experience in the form of blog for everyone to read, enter the [home] can be viewed.

Hope this article can help some beginners and want to consolidate the foundation of small partners, also hope you can join the re-learning community, study together, progress, address: re-learning community.

If you feel that the article is helpful to you, please give the author a thumbs up, favorites, attention, so that the blogger receive feedback, have more power!

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