1. Docker Image Accelerator

Sometimes it is difficult to pull the image from DockerHub in China, so you can configure the image accelerator. Docker official and many domestic cloud service providers provide domestic accelerator services, such as:

  • Netease: hub-mirror.c.163.com/
  • Aliyun: https://< your ID>.mirror.aliyuncs.com
  • Seven niuyun accelerator: reg-mirror.qiniu.com

This paper takes the Ari Cloud image accelerator as an example

2. Aliyun Image accelerator configuration

2.1 Obtaining Methods

Address for obtaining Aliyun image: cr.console.aliyun.com/cn-hangzhou… After login, you can see your exclusive address in the left menu, as shown in the picture below:

2.2 Configuration Modes

Please see the figure above. Ali Cloud has given detailed operation instructions as follows:

sudo mkdir -p /etc/docker
surging@dell-PowerEdge-R440:~/docker$ sudo tee /etc/docker/daemon.json <<-'EOF'> {>"registry-mirrors": ["https://z7***5bn.mirror.aliyuncs.com"]
> }
  "registry-mirrors": ["https://z7***5bn.mirror.aliyuncs.com"]
surging@dell-PowerEdge-R440:~/docker$ sudo systemctl daemon-reload
surging@dell-PowerEdge-R440:~/docker$ sudo systemctl restart docker

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