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1. Technical principle, mainly using Itchat. The code is as follows

2. Run the code

3. Scan the qr code in wechat to log in to wechat on the Web (note that it cannot be logged in at the same time with wechat on the computer)

4. You can view the received message in the File Transfer Assistant

5. Get a computer user

Send the CAP message to the File Transfer assistant

6. Use this program to execute some command lines

For example, send CMD LS messages to file Transfer Assistant

7. Use this program to remotely shut down

Windows only. The Mac command line is different, and you need to add sudo, then enter the computer password on the terminal to shutdown the Windows remote, send CMD shutdown -s -t 0 to the file transfer assistant

CMD sudo shutdown -h +2 CMD sudo shutdown -h +2 CMD Sudo shutdown -h +2

Nodule 8.

This article introduces the remote control of a computer using Python, the main technology is to use itChat and Opencv2.

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