Hello, everyone, we have met, see the word like see people, today I use this period of words to explain to you what is the mining of digital currency. Coins like Bitcoin or Ethereum require a lot of computing power to solve a difficult problem. And then when you get it right, then you get some of the reward.

As more and more people participate, you need more and more computing power. Then you may not be able to do it alone, you need to go to the ore and cooperate with others to dig this one. For ordinary people, mining is still far away. Because you need to first have a facility to mine, and then you need to think about electricity. Then to maintain ah, the equipment may be broken ah, so most people are in the secondary market to hype, hype it ninety percent is cut. The quick money effect to cheat in.

So maybe, uh, only 10 to 20 percent will make a profit, and most of the rest will lose money. Especially in April or May of this year, it is likely to be a loss, basically 50 percent are small. Why do you say that? Because a lot of times, you don’t understand this digital currency market, you didn’t go to participate in some of its previous trends.

You don’t know the risk in it, so you only see the profit. Like yesterday I asked with the net friend, I asked me to say that words can not mining, and then said then what FIL, because it is tall, and the need for stable network. Then you can dig, and then you have to pay some gas. But in fact any mining is a gimmick, it is only to drive the enthusiasm of the market. Get more people involved. When you get more involved and you get more exposure, people will buy. The more you buy, the more it will cost. So in this case,

Now. Because of the country’s harsh crackdown, it is already in a cool state, and most of the really big companies and individuals have considered moving to other countries to mine. They also need to find places in other countries where electricity is relatively cheap, and they need to find places where security is good. If the public security is not good place, it is likely that people will come and take your mining machine or all of your things. What’s the other thing you should be aware of? It’s the mine. The boss is in fact and speculation money, is a relatively opposite. Well, everybody understands that the higher the price of land, the happier the owner of the mine. But relatively speaking, if there is a stampede, the owner of the mine does not want the currency price to fall, he needs to raise the price or stabilize the price through countless times. Let him hand out the goods, in fact relatively speaking it belongs to a.

The farmer of the chicken farm, he produces eggs every day, and then, you go to scrambled eggs every day, but you don’t eat them. So he needs to sell you this piece of stuff, to make you believe that he has value. So he’s the opposite of you. And then again, don’t believe in the, uh, decade-a-day wealth myth. Because the get-rich-quick myth is never yours. You are a secondary market participant. You go impossibly one class market to buy chip, say so when the cheapest chip you are less than buy, go up to exchange only forever that day, the price has gone up dozens of times, when hundreds of times, you just are the person that goes to receive dish. For mining, actually for this kind of thing. Its cost is what determines the price of the currency. If the coins you mine are in the market and you sell them, you can sell them for more than you cost to mine, and that’s what everyone needs to be willing to do.

But this is not the case. In fact, the cost of mining and the cost of trading in the market are about the same, so that you can be in a benign environment. If. The more money you make, the more computing power you’ll see across the network. If you lose more and more money, you will find that the computing power of the whole network is decreasing. Because some people came out and didn’t want to dig anymore. Because he dug more he lost money, he can only clear the liquidation of his equipment. So what is happening this time around? After Ethereum’s currency halved in value, its overall network computing power dropped by only 7 percent. That said, most mine owners still want to hold the price up and let him do a wave so they can ship it when it goes up, because you never know if the mining algorithm will change next year. So it’s not clear whether graphics cards will be used again. And then you’re welcome to watch. Then like the message, I will continue to explain to you.

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