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Mac Os Catalina, version 10.15, became available in the AppStore earlier this month. As someone in the software industry, you can’t wait to see these new releases, probably because it’s a bit of a geek. So I was able to update him the night after I got the AppStore alert.

Update the Mac OS Catalina pit

But as it turns out, the Mac OS update was a disappointment. Here are some of the things I’ve updated:

  1. After upgrading the system, all Microsoft Office suites need to be updated to the latest version before they can be used. As can be seen from the following figure, the suite has been updated:

  2. Beyond Compare and Gifrocket cannot be used (i.e. ICONS are not allowed to be clicked, as shown below)

  3. Logitech mouse M546 is also completely unusable. Logi Options software can open and detect mouse connection, but the Settings of custom function keys are completely useless. The diagram below:

  4. Xcode cannot be upgraded, I have tried many times without success, after clicking the update button, it will start downloading at normal speed, but after a while it will start downloading from zero again. So this Xcode update starts from 10.7, and I can’t update the wire

  5. The icon of netease Youdao Dictionary can be clicked, but the interface cannot be opened normally, as shown below:

So if you’re a longtime Mac user, you still need to be careful about upgrading. I this is a lesson, I have a bigger impact on the mouse can not normally use youdao dictionary can not use it.

Most of the problems 2 above are due to the fact that Mac OS no longer supports 32-bit applications since 10.15, which is the first version of macOS to support only 64-bit applications. After the 10.15 release, thought the iOS developers found macOS Catalina inside a called IncompatibleAppsList. Bundle resource file package lists a total of 235 and macOS Catalina incompatible application list, Here are some of the more common ones:

  • 1 password 2.12.2
  • SourceTree 1.5.6
  • Parallels 2.5
  • QuickBooks 2015
  • IStats Menu 2.9
  • … The full list is available in the background reply *[AppList] * the full list link is available

In addition, if you want to see if you have a 32-bit application on your computer, you can do as follows: Click the Apple icon in the upper left corner -> “About PC” -> Select “System Reports” in the “Overview” -> select “Applications” > Click “Applications” to view Gifrocket, which is an unsupported 32-bit application

The above mentioned problem 1 can be solved by upgrading; Problem 3: After a system update last week, the mouse can be moved, but the scroll wheel and other custom function keys still cannot be used. This problem either needs to be fixed by logitech software developers, or it still needs to wait for a subsequent update of the MAC system. Problem 4 May really be a bug in the new Mac system, this can only wait for the system update; Problem 3 May be the same, either a developer fix or a system update fix. Problem 5 has been fixed in the latest Version of Youdao Dictionary 2.6.0.

New features for Mac OS Catalina

In addition to the holes left by these updates, take a quick look at the new Mac OS optimizations:

1. Prompt is to optimize the interface

2. Optimize the memo interface

3. Split the original iTunes into three apps

4. Screen time statistics

More features such as the device with the navigation and location search, dash forward show photos can click on the link below, or click here to read the original view:…


In general, I personally recommend not updating this version for the time being, because I don’t feel the performance and battery optimizations that the official said before. The new features I got were more or less worth the trouble I encountered. So if you’re not my early adopter, I strongly recommend waiting for the version to stabilize before upgrading.

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