Bitcoin, Ethereum, FIL in the mining circle is thriving, declared to catch up with Bitcoin, Ethereum, FIL mining projects have been gradually washed away, even the most popular BZZ some time ago is considered to be the fall of a new star.

How important is choice, choose a good project, a good company, how important, in the blockchain project choice is more than effort, choose a good project can let you earn a lot of money, choose a good company can take a lot less detours.

Choose FIL, BTC or ETH?

Since the beginning of the zoo currency at the end of April, the national policies have been coming down one by one. There are many people in a wait-and-see attitude about mining, and some people are taking advantage of these bad news to enter at a low price. So how should we choose now?

Bitcoin, Ethereum or FIL?

Now countries ban COINS etheric fang mining, because the currency etheric fang mining is not conform to the state standard of peak of carbon neutral and carbon, each big currency ore field have their own pool machine abroad, el Salvador acknowledged that the currency is your country’s currency to the law, in some countries under the currency is seen as a legal behavior:

1, Australia 2, Canada 3, Denmark 4, Netherlands 5, Estonia 6, United Kingdom 7, United States 8, Finland 9, South Korea 10, Sweden

What about Ethereum?

A local court in Shenzhen, China, ruled in a cryptocurrency theft case that Ethereum is legitimate property with economic value and that Ethereum is legally considered legitimate property protected by law.

What is the attitude of FIL in China?

As the only designated token of IPFS distributed storage underlying protocol, FIL is supported in China. IPFS is the king of the current blockchain project, Bitcoin has been cut across the board in China, Ethereum has been moved out of China, Chia, BZZ and other projects are all covered by IPFs&FIL, IPFS is a new generation of infrastructure projects. It is only a matter of time to replace HTTP. The protocol of HTTP centralization has been gradually abandoned by The Times and can not keep up with the development of The Times. Distributed storage is an irreversible trend, just like 5G replacing 4G network is the trend of the big situation. With the step by step implementation of big data, the data era has gradually come to life, data security, transmission speed, IPFS has such capabilities, so IPFS is more attractive than other projects, supported by China.

How should we choose?

From the above, we can know that FIL is supported in China, IPFS is a new generation of infrastructure, Sichuan, Shanghai, Wuhan, Shenzhen, Shandong have participated in the new IPFS infrastructure, IPFS is the best choice, FIL will be the future trend, ETH/BTC has become the past in China.

Monitor, review and participate in the country’s new infrastructure