Recently, based on OceanBase, the original distributed database developed by Ant, THE Project of Shanghai Investment Bank Morgan Internet Asset Management has realized the transformation from traditional centralized database to high-performance distributed database, and accelerated the digital iteration and upgrading of securities business.

Since the use of OceanBase, the data processing capacity of The Internet asset management project of Shanghai Morgan Investment Bank has increased by 200%, and the transaction number per second has increased from 6K to 16K. Storage cost is reduced by 71%, data is compressed from 700 GB to 204 GB, and RPO=0 and RTO<30 are achieved in room-level DISASTER recovery.

The new generation of native distributed database represented by OceanBase has no single point of bottleneck, and can expand and shrink linearly and online. It can better solve the problem of business scalability, improve the ability to respond to business growth quickly, reduce the operation and maintenance cost and error probability, and help support the number of millions of users of Shanghai Investment Bank. In addition, based on the OMS data migration service of OceanBase, CIOBM not only completes multilevel data verification, but also MAKES the service rollback like a master/slave switchover, which can be completed instantly without data loss.

It is understood that, established in 2004, Shanghai Investment Morgan Fund is committed to providing diversified, internationally leading asset management services for different types of investors. In order to meet the needs of flexible business, CIIC Morgan Actively embrace fintech innovation, hoping to use technology to enhance the ability of comprehensive financial services, accelerate the process of digital transformation, and create value for customers.

OceanBase, polished by different scenarios of Ali and Ant, is a native distributed relational database that has been tested by large-scale financial scenarios for a long time. In June 2020,OceanBase officially became a corporation and plans to help more enterprises complete core system upgrade and distributed transformation in the future.

At present, OceanBase has served many institutions, including INDUSTRIAL and Commercial Bank of China, China Construction Bank, Bank of Communications, Bank of Nanjing, Bank of Xi ‘an, Bank of Suzhou, Changshu Rural Commercial Bank, Guangdong Rural Credit Union, PICC Health Insurance, Huatai Securities, Sinopec, Shenzhen Provident Fund, China Mobile, China Sports Lottery, etc.