CSE 230 Project 4: Pardon the Interruption Learning Objectives: ● Implement an interrupt service routine in a program containing existing functionality in this project, you will be adding an interrupt service routine (ISR) to an existing program. The program is already fully functional hexadecimal counter that shows the current counter value on the seven-segment display. You will use the timer to generate an interrupt every x cycles (where x can be between 100 and 200 cycles). Your ISR needs to do the following things:

  1. Toggle all eight LEDs (i.e. if they are all off, they should all be turned on and if they are already on, turn

    them off)
  2. Perform any tasks necessary to allow another timer interrupt within 100 to 200 cycles

    No changes should be made to the existing main loop or sseg_display.asm. Code should only be added following

    the TODO comments.

  3. Take the Project 4 Pre Quiz (3 points)
  4. Submit your program on Canvas with the format: Firstname_Lastname_project4.plp (12 points)
  5. Take the Project 4 Post Quiz (2 points)

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