I want to do something new these days. My goal is to achieve a database, the project is the database design of CS186 and 6.830.

Cs186 database design path cs186. Gitbook. IO/project/along…

6.830 Database design path dsg.csail.mit.edu/6.830/

15-445 is an advanced course at CMU

The textbooks used in these databases are cow books



It must be emphasized that modern database design is changing rapidly, and the cow Book published in 2003 is no doubt more outdated, but it is still readable.

The textbooks used on June 830 also include the famous Little Red Book.

Assignment in Database Systems

My personal opinion is to use the fourth edition, not to catch up with the latest edition.

The purpose of writing this is to help everyone learn the database, and to urge myself to fill in the holes. I hope I can accomplish all the project homework.