One, foreword

The road ahead will be long and difficult. We should always keep a positive attitude, seek the right path and achieve the right result. Chicken soup is toxic, but the occasional bowl of chicken soup can lift you up and set you sail at a low point. This time, I will talk about how to survive in the current environment as a front-end development engineer. So what is the current environment? It can be compared to The Three Kingdoms period in Chinese history. That is, heroes come forth in large numbers, but also bandits and bandit. The front-end market is big, but it’s not easy to stay relevant in such an environment. The current form requires you not only need superb technology, but also require you to go deep into business. In this year’s D2 also focus on the front end of the business to do things. How do you do that? Let’s do it little by little.

Second, the status quo

Before you can solve a problem, you must go back to the root of the problem and find the cause of the problem. Here is a look at the current situation of many front-end programmers.

No clear direction

What is a clear direction, many students may say that I know my own direction, that is to do a front-end. In fact, the contemporary front end is not only good technology, but also requires you to have a deep understanding of the business, in the management of the rich experience. And these things are often seen in the recruitment requirements or interviews of some big factories. So how do you get direction? Let’s introduce it in two pieces

  • Technical direction

In the increasingly newer front-end technologies, there are a number of technical frameworks that cover the development of many ends. The Web side includes React, Vue, Angular, etc. The app includes React – Native, Weex, Flutter, etc. There are also applets, visualization, NodeJS server, etc. Each technology can be extended so much that it is important to find a direction among so many technologies.

  • Business direction

A gold sales, his success must be inseparable from his understanding of the product. Similarly, a good front end certainly requires a deep understanding of the business. Whether it is e-commerce, social networking or healthcare, if you want to achieve value, you must be based on business to create value.

Technology status quo

  • The foundation is weak, the front-end entry is simple, there is no systematic teaching, in addition, the front-end framework, engineering tools and other relatively perfect, so that most people fail to touch the underlying knowledge.
  • Thanks to the improvement of various communities, new technologies emerge in an endless stream. Many people are familiar with all kinds of technologies, but they do not know the underlying technologies and design concepts, so they cannot quickly locate and solve problems when they encounter problems, let alone infrastructure construction.
  • Poor technical atmosphere

Work status

  • Single business or lack of understanding of business
  • The same old way of working

Three, advice,

  • So the main stack, in my case, is react. Learn more about React, read the source code, and master the underlying logic and design concept of React. React as a derivative, learn to use related technologies. Such as REdux, React related SSR, etc.
  • Technical improvement, focus on improving the foundation, including JS, CSS, network, component tools and other basic knowledge. In the process of learning, the emphasis is on precipitation, such as the output of learning content into articles, blogs and so on. And summarize their own technical system, and constantly improve.
  • Based on business, proficient in a variety of business front-end development is especially popular, to strive to make themselves a popular T-shaped talent. Front end engineers, as the people closest to the business, should never lose touch with the understanding of the business. Any framework and technology are used for business, the front end should do business needs what technology to study, the two well combined together. It’s okay to focus on the technology itself, but it’s the business that will keep you going. Everything is for the business, technology is no exception.
  • Expression and communication, with good communication skills, not only is the web front-end engineer should have the ability, but also every one of us into the workplace should have the basic quality. Strong communication skills not only good at listening, but also accurately express their own views, reduce communication costs, so that the progress of work can be more effective. Especially for the Web front end, where both UI design and the back end overlap, good communication skills are critical. In daily work, I face no more than five kinds of people. Only by understanding the communication object, can I have better communication.
    1. Project manager, pay attention to project progress, product quality, often pursue is simple things.
    2. Product managers, feature rich, have all kinds of ideas.
    3. UI design, which pays attention to details, cares about what users are sensitive to, the consistency of interaction and the overall usability, and is often strongly dissatisfied with the 1px error.
    4. Back-end development students, similar to front-end students, are also the ones who work most closely with front-end development.
    5. The end user, the user of the end product, they care about whether the product is useful to them, whether it works.
  • Coordination and management, when it comes to coordination and management, some students may think that this is the work of leaders, but in fact it is not. No matter in which position, coordination management is especially important. For the front end, we need to contact the five types of people mentioned above, and the coordination between them is particularly important, which is conducive to the improvement of product development efficiency and product quality. In addition, management is not only the management of people, but also the management of work. It is also a great knowledge to arrange work reasonably and make work orderly and stable.

(Note) The above content is only a summary of personal work for reference only.


The road ahead is long and needs to be explored constantly. At the same time, you are not only a front-end engineer, but also an employee, a leader, a family member, a friend. On the road of life is to make friends, companion passage. Learn from others’ strengths and improve your own weaknesses.