composer dumpautoload

When you update the project Composer AutoLoader. Instead of using a Composer Update toload the index (the Update updates the entire project), use Dumpautoload to do this.

The following two parameters are supported

--optimize (-o)

composer depends

Detection of dependency reference

composer show

Lists all available packages

$Composer Show Doctrine/Inflector 2.0.3 PHP Doctrine Inflector is a small library that can perform string manip... Doctrine /instantiator 1.4.0 A small, lightweight utility to instantiate objects in PHP without invo... Elasticsearch/elasticsearch v7.10.0 PHP Client for elasticsearch ezimuel/guzzlestreams 3.0.1 Fork of guzzle/streams (abandoned) to be used with elasticsearch PHP ezimuel/ringphp 1.1.2 Fork of guzzle/ ringphp (abandoned) to be used with ElasticSearch-PHP Filp/Whoops 2.9.1 PHP Error Handling for Cool Kids Graham-Campbell/Result-Type V1.0.1AN Implementation Of The Result Type illuminate/container v7.30.1 The illuminate container package.illuminate /contracts V7.30.1 The Illuminate database package. Illuminate /database v7.30.1 The Illuminate database package. Illuminate /support v7.30.1 The illuminate support package.

Displays the details of a specific package

$ composer show illuminate/database name : illuminate/database descrip. : The Illuminate Database package. keywords : Database, Laravel, ORM, SQL Versions: * v7.30.1 type: library license: MIT License (MIT) (OSI approved) source : [git] 13ae12f444c9d071c6867cf86afd2fdedfd081ec dist : [zip] 13ae12f444c9d071c6867cf86afd2fdedfd081ec path : E:\wamp\www\git\test\php\phptest\vendor\illuminate\database names : Illuminate /database autoload psr-4 illuminate \ database \ =>. Requires Ext-json * illuminate/container ^7.0 Illuminate/contracts ^ 7.0 illuminate/support ^ ^ 7.0 PHP 7.2.5 | symfony/console ^ ^ 8.0 5.0 suggests doctrine/dbal Required To rename columns and drop SQLite columns (^2.6). FakerPHP/Faker Required to use the Eloquent Factory Builder (^1.9.1). Illuminate /console Required to use the database commands (^7.0). Illuminate /events Required to use the observerwith Eloquent (^7.0). Illuminate /filesystem Required to use the migrations (^7.0). Illuminate /pagination Required to paginate The result set (^7.0). Symfony/Finder Required to use Eloquent Model Factories (^5.0).

Composer package version

The instance describe
1.0.2 Specify the exact version of the package (less used)
> = 1.0 > or = 1.0, < 2.0 The scope of saidA comma, which indicates the relationship between logic and ampersandPipe symbol | said or relationship
1.0. * && < 1.0 > = 1.1
~ 1.2.3 >=1.2.3,<1.3 (useful for projects that follow the semantic version)
^ 1.2.3 1.2.3 = >, < 2.0.0

Composer specifies the PHP version

/usr/local/php73/bin/php /usr/local/bin/composer require hashids/hashids