Nowadays, the mobile terminal technology stack has become more and more mature and perfect. For the business, most engineers are doing UI presentation logic, while the back end controls most of the business logic. What the client does is to fetch data from the back end and display it through setText. The Boolean value returned by the interface is then used to determine whether the View is displayed or hidden.

So what is the future of mobile development?

Dynamization, of course, is one of the important directions

Alipay dynamic way, is completely based on their own small program container Hybrid development, but because the kernel is self-developed UC kernel, so the performance is better than the native WebView in all aspects. At present, a lot of pages in Alipay are developed based on small program containers, so as to achieve dynamic development across platforms.

Dynamic development has changed the way mobile development is done, blurring the line between the Web front end and the client, and allowing more and more people to recognize what a “big front end” is.

In this issue of CodeDay, we gather in Beijing and invite client engineers, front-end engineers and mobile terminal technical director of “Pumpkin Movie” from Ant Group, to bring you the cutting-edge theories on dynamic publishing on mobile terminals. Welcome everyone to register ~

Activity information

Time: 14:00 — 17:00, July 17, 2021 (Saturday

Venue: Krypton Space, Zhongguancun Innovation Street, Haidian District, Beijing


The activity agenda

Codeday #6 live review

About CodeDay

Codeday, initiated by Ant Group’s mobile development platform MPAAS, focuses on the cutting-edge technology practices in the mobile field and preaches the technical challenges and solutions of specific topics face to face in the form of thematic sharing.

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On July 17, we met in Beijing