Abstract:Huawei Cloud provides rich network services, which can meet a variety of network interconnection scenarios.

How are two VPCs in the same Region connected?”

“How are the two VPCs across Region connected?”

“ECS in VPC built an application, need to access the Internet, how to do?”

“A certain customer’s business is partly in Hong Kong and partly in mainland China. How can they be economically and reliably connected?”

“How do you play with a customer who has a local data center and wants to put part of their business in the cloud?”

The network domain family provides a wealth of cloud products to meet the needs of all kinds of network interconnection. There are both single combat weapon suitable for simple scenes, and complex scenes for the combination of boxing.

Let’s see what ^_^ is

Connected to the Internet

The cloud resources within the VPC are connected to the public network (Internet), which can be achieved through the following cloud products.

Connect the VPC

The connection between VPCs and VPCs can be achieved through the following cloud products.

The connection to IDC

For users who build their own local data center (IDC), not all businesses can be placed on the cloud due to the reasons of legacy benefit and smooth evolution. At this time, the following products can be used to build a hybrid cloud to realize the interconnection between VPC on the cloud and IDC under the cloud.

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