In the wave of digital transformation, more and more enterprises have joined the journey to the cloud. How to leverage the characteristics of cloud infrastructure and the value of cloud computing resources? How to reduce cloud costs for an enterprise?
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Spot example: Low-cost resource that has been underestimated

From the point of view of the purchase mode of the instance, it can be divided into on-demand instance, reserved instance, Spot instance and other types.

An Amazon EC2 Spot instance, which is free computing capacity available in an AWS service. You can get up to 90 percent off the price of a Spot instance compared to an on-demand instance.

The difference between an on-demand instance and a SPOT instance is that EC2 interrupts the SPOT instance with a two-minute notice when it needs more capacity. The reason for the outage is that the maximum price set by the enterprise is not high enough or that the SPOT instance does not have enough capacity and needs to be recycled. Thus, SPOT instances, with their very low cost advantages, are typically suitable for stateless, fault-tolerant, or flexible applications such as big data, containerized workloads, CI/CD, Web servers, high performance computing (HPC), and test and development workloads.

SpotMax: Unleash the “treasure attribute” of a Spot instance

In the actual cloud process, how to make good use of cheap but less stable SPOT instances to achieve high efficiency and low cost on the cloud?

SpotMax provides an integrated solution for cloud cost optimization that maximizes the use of SPOT instance resources and saves cloud costs while ensuring instance stability. With robust stability, out-of-the-box, localized support and wide availability, SpotMax enables enterprise users to feel more comfortable using the lowest cost SPOT instances to reduce costs without worrying about stability.

SpotMax includes Maxarch, MaxChaos and MaxGroup products and solutions.

MaxGroup, as a Spotmax product, has features such as intelligent cluster composition planning, balancing stability and economy, stabilizing cluster capacity, continuously reducing interrupt probability, ensuring state consistency, embracing cloud native, etc., so that developers can fully enjoy the cheap idle computing power of cloud computing without worrying about reliability. Reduce additional procurement, including on-demand instances, reserved instances and other expensive computing power.

SpotMax comes from MobVista’s own cloud practice, which has been proven on a large scale with over 100 billion AD requests per day and has successfully managed different types of online systems, with more than 50,000 VCPUs of SPOT instances managed globally.

The features of the underlying infrastructure allow SpotMax to be used in multiple business scenarios, helping industries effectively reduce cloud costs. SpotMax is especially useful for scenarios that have a large number of user requests, require quick responses, and are highly relevant to the user experience.

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