Since Henderson announced it as open source, Choerodon has been used by thousands of organizations to help enterprises complete software lifecycle management to deliver more stable software faster and more frequently. After more than 1,100 days of hard work, on June 30, 2021, Choerodon Advance 1.0 will be officially released, marking the maturity and stability of Choerodon. Welcome to upgrade your experience.

  • Release version: 1.0
  • Release date: June 30, 2021
  • Update scope: global
  • Version range: open source version, commercial version

The main contents of this paper include:

  • Major tweaks to version 1.0
  • Note on the update to the open source version of Choerod 1.0
  • Note on the commercial version of Choerod 1.0 update

Major tweaks to version 1.0

Use the open source component library Choerodon UI 1.4.0 New Theme-Bellpurple

Choerodon UI open source component library (C7N UI), with high quality React components out of the box, full link development and design tools system, help enterprise middle and back end product development efficiency. The Choerodon front-end has been supported since V 0.1.0, and will be released on February 4th, 2021 with stable development release V 1.0, which supports smooth upgrades. In addition to the Choerodon front-end, the Choerodon front-end also supports the HCZERO, Flybot and other products.

The C7N UI information is as follows:




Choerodon version 1.0 fully uses the new theme Bellpurple from C7N UI’s latest version 1.4.0.

! [image]([email protected])

Choerodon’s official website has been relocated to the open platform of Han De Yan Niu

The open platform of Han De Yan Niu is committed to reducing the delivery cost and access threshold of the technology center, and providing a more efficient and convenient one-stop service platform for internal and external users.

The Choerodon homepage introduces the product advantages, product features, solutions, customer cases and other information, and compares the functional differences of different versions of Choerodon, including open source version, commercial version, and SaaS version.

Choerodon home page:

The open platform — the document center integrates the relevant documents of the independently developed products of the company, and is committed to building the “encyclopedia” of the company, which can satisfy users’ reading and query more centrally, conveniently and uniformly.

Choerodon documents migrate the open source, commercial, and SaaS versions of documents to the document center, providing diversified service support.

Choerodon document:

Choerodon 1.0 Open Source Update Notes

Agile collaboration

New features

  • Added input prompt;
  • Subtasks support problem type conversion;

  • Chart of increasing daily workload per person;
  • Increase personal workload statistics;
  • All questions support custom list field display, order, and column width;
  • [Fixed] Optional replication of fields is supported when new replication issues are added.
  • Added support for selecting handlers when creating issues quickly.

  • Added one-click folding for project reports;
  • Added support for creating defects quickly
  • Added release version function, manage the actual release content of the version;

  • Add order to module list;
  • Added test progress for problem details;
  • Added problem details to support duplicate problem links;
  • Safari compatible;
  • Added a required field for switching problem type input;

    Function optimization

  • Support switching Kanban when configuring Kanban;
  • Optimization problem details related problems;
  • Optimize the movement problem of slow card;
  • Optimized comment questions to display in reverse order by default
  • Quick creation of required items prompt optimization;
  • Optimizes the automatic opening of details after quickly creating subtasks;
  • Optimize the issue for more details on button sequence;
  • Optimize issue comments to send messages;
  • Optimize the state machine page;
  • Optimize the time display format;
  • Optimizes slow loading when custom problem type value sets are too many;
  • Details of optimization problems in the form of attachment display;

    The defect

  • Fixed issue where UI/UX files could not be previewed after uploading
  • [Fixed] The Gantt Chart moves left and right with the length of the time period.
  • [Fixed] Occasionally out of order in state custom sort

    Knowledge management

Function optimization

  • Optimize the creation of documents by optionally creating them to the root directory;

    The defect

  • Fixed bug MC-117416 – The contents cannot scroll left or right when creating knowledge base documents at multiple levels.
  • Fixed knowledge base full screen switch/exit loss of edit content

    Code development

New features

  • Code Management – In branch management, new branch merge triggers associated issue status change;
  • Code Management – Branch Management, which supports developers to relate agile issues to other projects within the organization;
  • Code Management – Added a new branch to the branch management page to support adding multiple agile issues;
  • Code base management – permission approval module, new batch approval function;
  • In the CI process, the function of image security scanning card points is added in the Docker construction step, which supports the addition of access control restrictions for image scanning.

The deployment environment

The defect

  • Fixed an issue where batch deployment records were occasionally missing in the Deployment Record page.
  • [Fixed] The trigger branch of task exact match/exclusion selection displayed incorrectly in the CD phase.
  • Fixed host deployment error message and task failure message not displayed;

    Test management

New features

  • New test execution state changes trigger problem state changes;
  • Test execution supports locating the folder to which it belongs;
  • Test execution execution by folder batch allocation of plan executors;
  • Plan to add related version, sprint;

Function optimization

  • Optimized test plan progress display;
  • Support for entering custom numbers when creating use cases;
  • Optimize use case custom numbering rules;

Basis function

Menu interface adjustment

  • Summarize the items at the top for easy viewing;

  • The collaboration is divided into collaboration and document parts, and the page menu hierarchy is adjusted.

  • Changes the hierarchy of the menu in Settings;

New features

  • The message module of the station is newly supported to display in the form of pop-up box on the left;

    Function optimization

  • In the custom role, refine the function permissions under the Deployment – Resources menu;

    The defect

  • Fixed project member paging query deployment configuration report error;
  • [Fixed] OAuth reset password length check anomaly
  • Fixed an issue where LDAP timing tasks were temporarily disabled when synchronized.

    Installation or Upgrade

Installation documentation: 697&doc_code=1734

Upgrade the document: 701&doc_code=121227

The Choerodon 1.0 commercial update notes

Commercial version in addition to the open source version of the functional modules to do the upgrade, but also to the following modules to do different degrees of new, modified and optimized.

Demand management

Through the whole life cycle of the product, including internal and external user requirements collection, requirements review, analysis, dismantling and development progress follow-up.

New features

  • Requirements audit to create additional requirements;
  • Requirements audit to support export requirements;
  • Add description fields to export requirements;
  • The requirements pool supports custom list field display, order, and column width;
  • The requirements pool supports importing requirements;

The defect

  • Fixed an issue where project members could not star requirements.

    Agile at scale

Based on the enterprise-level large-scale agile framework SAFE, the company manages multi-project parallel development, multi-team business requirements sorting and product development roadmap, helping the team to improve collaboration and reduce the complexity of team management.

New features

  • New version association and devops linkage;
  • The roadmap supports custom list field display, order, and column width;

    Function optimization

  • Optimizing the PI target correlation features can choose whether to hide the associated features.

    The defect

  • [Fixed] Iteration calendar time range could not be selected for 1 year
  • [Fixed] Art Settings jumping to subproject report incorrectly

    Automated testing

It includes interface testing, performance testing, flow regression testing and UI testing, running through the whole process of project management and agile development DevOps, providing agile continuous testing tools to improve team testing efficiency and ensure quality.

New features

  • Performance tests – Execute performance tests, added support to add execution notes for each execution;
  • Performance testing – Executing performance tests, new support to set duration for each performance test execution;
  • Performance Testing – Executing performance tests, new support for perpetually executing selected test tasks;
  • Support to manually stop the performance test in execution was added in the performance test module.

    Function optimization

  • When the API test task is enabled, add the “Timing” label; We also add filters to the tree structure;

    The defect

  • Fixed an issue where pop-up boxes were not closed when clicking “Save and Execute” when creating/modifying API test cases in Use-Case Library.

    Quality management

The report visually displays the application code quality data under the project in a graphical way, which is convenient to visually display the overall code quality of the current project and the code quality of each application, for the reference of the team management.

New features

  • Single table preview script;
  • Added support for unsigned, time, blob, and longblob types in table design fields.
  • Table design to add database type, field type case, team mailbox configuration;
  • Table module can be changed, module encoding can be modified, can migrate module table to other modules;
  • Initial data import to add operation options, support new, update, delete, reset options;
  • Added automatic submission, upgrade table design function;
  • Added PostgreSQL database support;
  • Clone table structure;
  • Table design, table structure field order can be modified, insert field;
  • Bulk submission table;

    Function optimization

  • Table structure page, remarks field width adjustment and optimization;
  • Generate DDD model code and replace outdated annotations;
  • Change the publish action to submit;
  • Added EMPTY_STRING (empty string) support for field default;
  • Different modules can support the same name table;
  • Indexed columns can be displayed in index lists.
  • Association relation distinguishes version;
  • Elastic domain field creation can be customized;

    Application market

The Choerodon Application Marketplace is the management center for application service components and common middleware within the platform, enabling all projects under the platform to be deployed directly for use.

New features

  • MySQL configuration and information are preset by default in the App Market.
  • In the deployment of basic components, it supports the deployer to deploy the host and container of MySQL.

    Community participation

Thank you to the following friends for their feedback and comments in the community forums and for contributing to the 1.0 update. Thank you for your continued support.

For more information, please refer to Release Notes and the user’s manual on the website.

We welcome your feedback and contributions through Choerodon’s GitHub and the Choerodon community to help the Choerodon Toothfish grow. Choerodon will continue to optimize, so stay tuned.

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