Make sure you have a GCC compiler before installing. Refer to the article…

Cmake v2.x is so old that I recommend installing v3.x!


Installation method:

1, official website, download the source code

yum -y install gcc automake autoconf libtool make

2, tar -zxvf cmake-

3, CD cmake –

4,. / the bootstrap

5. Gmake or make

6. Gmake install or make install

7, cmake – version


[cmake terminal command] cmake. Make make clean


Unloading method:

1, [root@localhost ~]# yum remove cmake

Find the install_manifest.txt file generated after make install. It is in the source folder.

Text open, view the path of everything installed, manually delete them.

/ root @ localhost ~ # cat install_manifest. TXT | sudo xargs rm # 3, [root @ localhost ~] cmake – version bash: /usr/local/bin/cmake: No such file or directory


Recommend a few tutorials:

CMake Practice.pdf is recommended…… PDF ebook… Form a complete set of source code

CMake tutorial

Write makefile.pdf with me