Mining is called mining because it is a process in which miners go to great lengths to obtain Ethereum. For miners, the biggest concern has always been the growing computational complexity of securing blocks, and it has. In order to make mining profitable, miners have invested a lot of money in research and development, more advanced solution algorithms and more efficient hardware. There are also many people curious about whether Ethereum mining equipment can be self-assembled and configured.

The ethereum mining device is the ethereum mining machine, so can this be self-assembled and configured? Strictly speaking, it is OK, especially for some senior miners, who have a very good understanding of the mining industry and have conducted in-depth research on mining machines. Therefore, many miners configure their own mining machines and build their own mines to dig Ethereum. But for many people these are too professional, they just want to join the mining faster, then at this time can find some professional mining machine platform, responsible for their own money, they can provide better mining services, this is also more worry.

As we all know, ETH2.0 has been mentioned for years, and for Ethereum miners, it’s like a sword of Damocles hanging over their heads. Once it’s completed, millions of mining machines in the Ethereum network will be phased out, with a few going to other currencies, and most of the graphics mining machines will be dumped in the secondary graphics market. This is no doubt a disaster for the Ethereum miners who have not paid back their capital, so investors have new requirements for the purchase of Ethereum mining machines.

Ethereum mainly uses graphics cards (GPUs) for mining. It is necessary to configure a multi-graphics PC to run the mining program. The main hardware includes: graphics card, motherboard, power supply, CPU, memory, hard disk (SSD above 60G is recommended), extension cord, transfer wiring, etc. The graphics card determines the speed of mining, motherboard, power supply largely determines the stability of the operation of the mining machine.

Hardware preparation, motherboard suggestion: graphics card mining does not need a large PCIe bandwidth, motherboard with PCI-E1X can meet the bandwidth requirements. General motherboard has 3-5 PCI-E1X interface, 1 PCI-E16X interface, in addition to the motherboard has a large 4PIN power supply interface to improve the stability of a certain extent. PCI-E1X requires Taobao to purchase 1X to 16X extension cord.

What hardware configuration is required for Ethereum mining? First build the frame, and then fix the graphics card, and then the CPU and fans, memory, SSD hard disk inserted in the slot of the motherboard and connected to the power supply and motherboard power. Then connect the independent power supply of the graphics card, the graphics card and the power supply connection, one end is connected to the graphics card, the other end is connected to the socket of the power labeled PCI-E. Then connect the graphics card to the adapter board. There is a pair of silver needles on the motherboard is to control the computer switch (marked with ON/OFF words), different positions of the motherboard is different, specific please refer to the motherboard manual. For mining, the graphics card is the core, the rest are auxiliary accessories.