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(1) Target, when we capture the packet, right click to send it to the Intruder module, which will automatically fill in the information

2. Set blasting mode, i.e., parameters

1. Sniper: Crack variables in sequence with only one dictionary

2. Battering ran: Hash variables at the same time with the same username and password and only one dictionary

3. Pitch fork: Each variable will have a dictionary, user name and password one by one, two dictionaries

4. Cluster bomb: Each variable will correspond to a dictionary, and intersection crack will try to match each combination, each user and each password, two dictionaries

5. Add blasting parameters, select parameters and click Add$

6. Clear blasting parameters, select the parameters and click Clear $

Loads loads to set the dictionary

1. Set blasting position and dictionary type, including:

Simple list: Simple dictionary

Runtime file: Indicates a running file

Custom iterator: a Custom iterator

Character Substitution: Character substitution

Recursive grep: Recursive search

Illegal Unicode: indicates Illegal characters

Character blocks: Character blocks

Numbers: a combination of Numbers

Dates: indicates the combination of Dates

Brute Forcer: Brute force cracking

Null payloads: empty content

Username generator: generates a Username

Copy other Payload: Copies other payload

2. Encode, encrypt, and intercept the payload before sending a request

Add Prefix: Adds a text Prefix

Add suffix: Add a word suffix

Match/replace: The regular expression that will replace the Match

Substring: Intercepts the length of the string starting from 0

Reverse SubString: Matches strings backwards

Modify case: Change the case of letters

Encode: Encode the payload by URL,HTML,Base64,ASCII, or hexadecimal string

Hash: Selects the Hash value of the payload, such as MD5 or SHA-512

Add raw payload: Adds the original payload to the encoded payload

Skip if matches regex: Skip if matches regex

Invoke Burp Extension: Invoke an Extension

Configure which payload characters should be URL-encoded

Four, set the number of blasting threads and request interval

5. Software download address

1. Public account reply: 20210531

2. Video Private message: 20210531

Illegal prohibition, at your own risk

Welcome to the public number: Web security tool library

Welcome to pay attention to the video number: it is also

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