You need a Java environment to run the tool. Please install it by yourself. Get the BurpSuite package and unzip it to the directory you want. When the unzip is complete, right-click burp-loader-keygen.jar to open keygen as a Java(TM) Platform SE Binary

Click Run to launch BurpSuite

If this method fails to launch BurpSuite, open CMD and go to the directory where burp-loader-keygen.jar is located. Execution: java-xbootclasspath /p:burp-loader-keygen-2020-2.jar -jar burpsuite_pro_v2020.2.jar

Copy and paste the License from Keygen into BurpSuite

Then click Manual Activation

Click the Copy request

After copying, paste the string into the remaining BurpSuite box, as shown in the picture, click Next to show successful activation, and click Finish.

And I’m gonna hit Next


Then click Start Burp

Go to the main BurpSuite screen

Once activated, it cannot be launched by double-clicking the main BurpSuite program, otherwise you still need to enter the key and the two files must be placed in the same directory. A startup script is required to start BUR