Ordinary entrepreneurs, no capital, no team, no technology, choose H5 website or small program to start a business, a hundred times easier than independent APP.

First, H5 website development cost is lower

The cost of development and construction is more than ten times more expensive to make an APP than to make an H5 website with the same function. Due to the need to develop dual systems of Apple and Android, that is, to develop two clients, the cost is doubled on the original basis.

Second, H5 website operation and promotion is better

App promotion and operation is too difficult, and every page of the H5 website, every piece of content is a hyperlink, can be a step jump through the third-party social media platform, wechat public account, circle of friends, chat group, direct access and drainage. App is not good, it needs to be on the shelves of each app store, promotion when you can only push the app download, can not use the app internal content for promotion, the difficulty and cost are much higher, and the major platforms for the promotion of app or TWO-DIMENSIONAL code content are excluded, but the hyperlink is relatively much more tolerant.

On the other hand, the average person will instinctively refuse to download unknown app, every promotion of a download, the cost of tens of yuan.

Three, H5 website drainage compatibility wider

If your money is only enough to do a kind of carrier, the scope of both the largest must be h5 website, it can give attention to both the PC and mobile phone number, binding the public, to generate small procedures, the third-party platform hyperlinks, WeChat, baidu, headlines, zhihu, etc all can open the link flow of entry and public domain pool, website is the shortest distance between two points a straight line.

Therefore, ordinary people in the limited resources, the best or the most pragmatic, operable, the lowest risk way to do Internet entrepreneurship is to do H5 website.

Of course, whether it is to do H5 website or app, core or content and value, the underlying logic and business model is not established, what is futile, the website can not do, app is more difficult to do.

In the early stage of the startup, it is very important to go online quickly and test the water. The H5 website can be released faster, the function is easier to update and iterate, and each update does not need to be reviewed.

If the use of building blocks library, no code development visual platform, online time can be faster, 30 minutes to complete the H5 website collocation, but also can automatically generate mobile terminal and wechat official website, one step in place, one design, multi-terminal synchronization. A management background, easier and convenient centralized management of data.

Select building blocks library, if not bound to the top level domain name, is not required to pay, use complimentary second level domain name, permanent free use. Wait until all the design configuration is ready, then upgrade the standard version, binding top-level domain name online, completely reduce the risk to zero.

I’m a library of building blocks. Starting a business is like building blocks. You’ll start over if you’re not careful.