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It’s November, 2018 is coming to an end, and it’s time for conscience to grab tickets again

! After all, it is said that we designers are in the forefront of fashion, so 2019 is coming, we as designers need to understand the design trend of 2019, so today I reprinted an article by @Milo from Behance, let’s look forward to it.

Six design trends for 2019:




Brand & LOGO

Dynamic graphical

Packaging design

An illustrator.

While illustrations have already been big this year, they should take design to a new level in 2019, with recent statistics showing that they are seven times better for users than the average photo. Brands are also increasingly looking for vibrant and stylistic illustrations to reflect their brand tonality, unique illustrations and bold colors will make you stand out in a crowd of material collage masters ~

1.1 Bold colors

In fact, designers have been leaning toward bright colors since 2018, but it seems that the trend hasn’t hit hard enough, so bold oversaturated hues will become more popular in 2019. Pantone also revealed the color trends it predicts for 2019, so if you want your work to stand out, use bold colors.

Pantone Spring/Summer 2019 New York Fashion Week Color Report

1.2 the asymmetric

Although a lot of people like to perfect symmetry to balance the composition of a picture, but ignore the importance of asymmetric design, apply proper of asymmetric design not only can also be balanced composition, still can make your design, you can use any element, such as layout, geometry or 3 d rendering to create a unique visual effect.

1.3 dynamic effect

Dynamic effect is the perfect opportunity to promote users to brand goodwill and affinity density, but also has great potential and development space, designers must follow the trend, master in advance ~

1.4 mashup

While mix-and-match design can be challenging, it’s sure to add a unique visual to your design.

1.5 the gradient

Gradients have been gaining in popularity since last year and will continue to do so in 2019. Even Apple and Instagram have a penchant for extreme gradients, which are definitely your best bet for 2019.

1.6 Isometric view

While we’ve seen trends in 2.5D-style design over the past few years, we really need to start taking it seriously in 2019 as illustration takes over all design fields.

1.7 AR technology

AR is already making its mark in areas like web or APP design, and many brands are constantly trying to incorporate AR into their branding. It’s a relatively new trend, so be sure to watch out for it in 2019

1.8 Nature Photos

Today, designers are looking for more natural, unintentional photos, and this is an important trend in the future of graphics.

UI/UX trends

2.1 Mobile terminal first

Ever since Google implemented mobile responsive web sites, mobile has been the first choice for responsive web design. In the future, designers should think about mobile versions first, and desktop versions second.

2.2 negative space

Less is more. In recent years, we can see the use of negative space in almost all design fields, and such examples are only going to increase. Using negative space in UI design is also a good idea.

2.3 illustrations

As we said earlier, illustration has been a major trend in popular design in recent years. From landing pages to entire websites, illustration is taking the design industry by storm.

2.4 Functional ICONS

People naturally use associated dynamic linear ICONS to establish visual hierarchies and draw attention to areas they want the user to pay attention to.

2.5 Geometric fluids and asymmetric shapes

Mixing bold color schemes with strong gradients of geometric fluid, asymmetric shapes are essential web design trends for 2019.

2.6 Video Background

Studies have shown that videos on websites can increase conversion rates. A video can quickly get your message across in seconds and keep users on the site longer.

2.7 dynamic effect

Nowadays, dynamic effect plays a pivotal role in the design industry. You can easily find them on websites, ads, or APP designs. A smooth transition button or a nice hover effect will do the trick.

2.8 the interaction

Microinteractions can create a variety of subtle visual effects in an APP. In 2019, we will focus more than ever on the design of microinteractions, and will also see microinteractions hidden behind every UI element, no matter how small.

2.9 Fonts instead of pictures

With the recent focus on typography, many giants, such as Apple, have used a clear and unique font to make their point, and typography is slowly returning to the public. Perhaps images will one day be replaced by words?

2.10 Rasterize and overlap elements

Over the past few years, overlapping elements in web design have existed, and combining rasterization can create unique creative layouts. Always remember the mobile experience!

2.11 3 d illustrations

3D illustration has seen a huge boom in the past few years, with many major brands choosing to use 3D rendering in their products: sneakers, sports gear, packaging design, etc.

Third, typesetting trends

3.1 Big. Bold. Better

Fonts are starting to get bigger and bigger, a trend we see every year. But when you use large fonts, be careful to use them with minimalism, otherwise the design can get too crowded and lose its meaning.

3.2 Customizing Fonts

Many big brands now have their own fonts, which can improve brand recognition and uniqueness.

Iv. Brand &LOGO

4.1 Using color Channels

Even though we’ve seen a lot of this trend in 2018, it’s still fresh for 2019, and using color channels can create stunning visuals.

4.2 Brand Illustration

A good illustration will definitely make any art poster, brand identity or printed matter extremely recognizable.

4.3 move the LOGO

Dynamic effects have permeated all areas of design, even logos. Check out these amazing creations:

5. Trends in dynamic graphics

5.1 Noise Style

While the noise style is usually used in 2D animation, who says it can’t be used in 3D animation?

5.2 Flat 2D animation

In illustration, graphic design makes more use of shadow changes and gradient colors. In animation design, plane animation is still popular. 2D animations create movement in a two-dimensional art space, and most animations have storyboards in which the main action in each scene is drawn in comic book form. With a smooth transition, it can capture the user’s attention, and in this way, your message can be easily delivered to the audience.

5.3 3D Illustration and animation

3d animation looks amazing and is the perfect way to promote whatever you’re selling. Most big brands also use 3D animation in their AD campaigns because of their strong conversion rates.

Vi. Packaging design trend

6.1 Bold colors

Bold color schemes have been a trend in recent years and are one of the most important parts of packaging design for 2019.

6.2 Unconventional Materials

Creating amazing product packaging from unusual materials has become a prominent field. Zero waste, biodegradable biomaterials, edible packaging, all of these elements have become works of art in the hands of packaging designers.

6.3 Natural Materials

In packaging design, wood and other natural materials are always the mainstream. Leather, wood, cardboard or cellulose made from recycled materials are also natural materials in packaging design.

6.4 large font

As we mentioned earlier, in 2019, large font design is an absolute trend, and a powerful word is enough to create a bold package.

6.5 Minimalism

Less is more! While it may be tempting to add a lot of text or different fonts to your package, it can also be confusing and lose focus.

6.6 illustrations

As mentioned in the introduction, illustration dominates all areas of design, even packaging design.

Ok, about 2019 design trends we introduce here, actually this two years the trend is the same, is very concise and comfortable presenting in front of us, which also saw the people appreciate level have been improved, big to fashionable city, small to streets and lanes, etc., from head to foot in it again, is no longer a street full of Chinese red color, this is a good thing for the national, After all, we have a long way to go in the design of this road, mutual encouragement ~