On July 8, the World Artificial Intelligence Conference 2021 (WAIC) was held in Shanghai. At the same time, the SAIL Award (Super AI Leader, Excellent AI Leader Award), the highest award of the World Artificial Intelligence Conference, was unveiled. Baidu Flying Par Deep Learning Platform was listed in the Top 10 of the SAIL Award in 2021 and won the “SAIL Star” award.

SAIL Awards adhere to the principles of “high-end, international, professional, market-oriented and intelligent”, and explore projects that are highly recognized and prestigious in the field of artificial intelligence and have the significance of improving human well-being from a global perspective. This year, the SAIL Award has attracted a large number of outstanding projects at home and abroad, including well-known academic research institutions and enterprises at home and abroad.

It is reported that the SAIL Award selection still adopts the expert recommendation system. The SAIL Award Review Committee is composed of experts from the Presidium of the World Artificial Intelligence Conference, experts from the Shanghai Artificial Intelligence Strategy Advisory Expert Committee and experts from the technology, investment and media circles to recommend and select. In addition, we also invited AIWIN Innovation Competition, BPAA Algorithm Competition and other conference brand competitions, international top competitions and relevant institutions recommended projects.

This award is an important proof of Baidu flying oar’s strength in technological innovation and application landing. As China’s first independent research and development, feature-rich, open source and open platform for the industry level of deep learning, baidu to fly the depth of the propeller by developing convenient learning framework, large scale deep learning model training, multiterminal multi-platform deployment of high-performance inference engine, the industrial grade four leading open source model library technology, power intelligent AI technological breakthroughs and industrial upgrading. At present, the platform has attracted 3.2 million developers, 120,000 enterprises and institutions, and created 360,000 models, covering many fields such as industry, energy, finance, medical care, agriculture, urban management and so on.

Based on years of technology precipitation and industrial practice, Baidu Feitoar has made many brilliant achievements in technological innovation, industrial empowerment, talent training and other aspects.

  • As the “leading goose” in the development of deep learning technology in China, Feibiao promotes the breakthrough of AI technology and the upgrading of industrial intelligence through the development of four leading technologies: convenient deep learning framework, super-large-scale deep learning model training, high-performance inference engine deployed on multi-terminal and multi-platform, and industry-level open source model library.
  • In terms of ecological construction, Feibaer has carried out adaptation and joint optimization with 22 domestic and foreign hardware manufacturers, including Baidu Kunlun and Intel. The number of chips or IPs that have been completed or are being adapted has reached 31, and the hardware ecology is booming.
  • Feibar deep learning open source platform and Feibar enterprise version, through the whole process of model development, training, reasoning and deployment, provide comprehensive intelligent industry practice services for enterprises, continue to reduce the threshold of intelligence, and realize the transformation of technical power to productivity.

It is worth mentioning that in terms of talent training, Baidu has trained more than 1 million AI talents. In the next five years, Baidu will train 5 million AI industry and technical talents to provide AI talent guarantee for the development of China’s intelligent economy and intelligent society. Among them:

  • The “Qisail” plan of Feijiao’s “Great Voyage” plan is specifically for colleges and universities. In three years, it will invest a total value of 500 million yuan in funds and resources to support 500 colleges and universities nationwide, focus on training 5000 AI teachers in colleges and universities, and jointly train 500,000 students.
  • In the “Escort” plan for industrial intelligent upgrading, 1 billion yuan will be invested in the next three years to empower 100,000 enterprises in all aspects of technology, talent and ecology, and to cultivate millions of industrial AI talents together with the industry.

The development of artificial intelligence not only requires enterprises to keep innovating at the source of technology, but also to provide AI “source power” for enterprises in technological shackles and release the value of artificial intelligence enabling society. In the future, Baidu Feibar will adhere to the original aspiration, continue to innovate, accelerate the pace of intelligent transformation and upgrading and AI production and education integration new model, become a booster of AI development, and build a prosperous artificial intelligence ecology.