A security worker on Twitter, who goes by the nickname Carl Schou, recently shared a new iOS Bug. It can cause WiFi, AirDrop, AirPlay and other functions on the iPhone to crash instantly.

According to this person’s description, as long as we change the SSID (WiFi account name) of the WiFi to % P % S % S % S % S % S % S % N, when the iPhone is connected to the WiFi, the WiFi function of the iPhone will not be able to open normally, and other functions such as air drop and air play will not be able to work normally.

This Bug may be caused by the fact that %n in C language is used to insert a variable into a string, and the WiFi name %p%s%s%s%s%n ends in %n. As a result, the iPhone cannot recognize the variable, and can only report an error and automatically shut down the WiFi.

However, the conditions for triggering this Bug are very limited. After all, no one sets WiFi to a string of characters. Curious friends can change their own WiFi name to test.

Having said that, once this Bug is triggered, how do we fix it? Simply turn off the WiFi or take the iPhone out of the WiFi range and turn it back on, and the WiFi function will be restored.

Others said rebooting the iPhone or restoring the network Settings could fix the problem. Go to Settings – General – Restore – Restore Network Settings on the iPhone. Restoring your network Settings won’t lose data, but you’ll need to reconnect to your old WiFi and reset your cellular network.