A while ago, a reader asked me about my study path in college and said he was a little confused. To be honest, there are a lot of articles about learning routes, and I don’t like to advise people on how to study and the order of study. However, for university, many people may enter university at the same starting point, but after four years of university, their life trajectory is completely different. I also want to record my study and change during the years from high school to college. My college experience is very ordinary, I didn’t participate in any competition, nor won any scholarship (of course, I have to get the national grant, haha). And that’s why I’m going to share it, because I’m sure you’ve all seen a lot of great college experiences.

Therefore, this article, in order of time, recorded these years of learning, ideas, read books, etc., perhaps, the ordinary university experience, more reference is not necessarily oh, hee hee.

First year students not majoring in computer science

When MY college entrance examination score came down, I looked at the score. I went to, less than expected for at least a few points, really think impassability why can my English and math test so bad, mathematics and physics are my strengths, at ordinary times is often the class first, but the college entrance examination mathematics scores points less than expected, on the verge of passing, and less English is expected 20 points, was very depressed, the university entrance exam so important occasions, I can’t believe I got that low.

But to tell you the truth, I was not sad at that time, because I felt that school was important, but not that important. I believed that WHAT I wanted to do could be done in any school. Moreover, in my opinion, skills and grades were only a part of college, although a relatively important part. Of course, it would be better to go to a school that is a bit more awesome, at least, it would be a better school, haha.

At that time, I wanted to study computer major, but with my score, if I choose a school in the province, I will not study computer major, only be transferred (I did not consider outside the province at that time). But I am must, majoring in computer science and also want to as much as possible into a school (not to say that look down on other batches school), then I will check what school turned professional easier, so later I was sign up for an easy to turn professional school, also is to choose is adjusted, and then in turn professional to their relative like professional. Of course, there is a risk of failure.

Later I was to adjust the professional wood science and engineering, also be expected, in the school a few days ago, I have seen a great impact on my book, called autobiography, lee has been influencing me, there’s a phrase in the book roughly means “when you learn about the university all forget, left, is the essence of education”, to be honest, I still like this sentence very much. At that time, I interpreted it as that improving my thinking and learning ability is the core in college. Therefore, IN the later study, I pay more attention to my learning ability. For one thing, I will do it seriously, because I think it is very important to do one thing seriously, it can indirectly improve your learning ability, although this thing may have nothing to do with your major.

In wood science and Engineering, there was a course called Engineering Drawing, and I was, I was really tortured by this course, drawing all kinds of pictures. For example, based on a picture of a screw, draw it as a three view, this kind of thing is too hard for me. Later, I thought, I seriously to learn, I do not believe THAT I will not be able to do, later facts proved that people are really strong, for cartography, I really not, although serious study can understand, but it takes a lot of time, and the effect is not good. Since then, I have come to the conclusion that although learning ability is universal, there are some skills that you are not really suitable for, because interests and previous skill accumulation affect how good you are at that skill. It is really important for me to choose the skills I am good at to learn, which makes me more determined to change my major.

On the National Day of the first semester of college, I began to learn C language by myself, mainly reading books. I had followed the book hit the demo, the feeling is very interesting, like seven days time, I learned the structure part, feel also learn very quickly, then can be said to be the natural (that is, I feel a little understanding on the next chapter), then a pointer, I went to, immediately increase the difficulty, feel met a bottleneck, then literally under did not continue to look at.

After learning a little bit about C, it’s like writing a slightly more fun program and not knowing what C can do, and there aren’t many interesting programs in the books. Later, I went to Baidu Post bar and found that many people had sent game programs, but many of them were designed to other knowledge, WHICH I did not understand. Finally found a snake procedures, this should be the simplest snake I’ve ever seen, only black interface and a square himself as head of the snake, but I was very interested in, just follow the source program, then in his understanding of the original game is so lane, dynamic effect of picture is that, after the program to run, I added a little bit of my own.

What I want to say about this snake story is that interest and love of exploration are very important to me. At that time, without any instruction from anyone, I struggled and searched by myself. Finally, I wrote a simple snake story, and I was very happy. In this process, it is also very important for me to improve my learning ability. In a completely unfamiliar environment, how to adapt quickly and be willing to toss is very important, but it is also very important to know how to use search engines. Many people often ask me questions that search engines can solve, and to be honest, I am lazy to answer them. Some people asked me to help him solve the bug, I smile not to talk, not I don’t help you, is I can’t help you, also not willing to help you, such thing as a bug, you are yourself, you are the best person to solve, the process of solving, you can really learn a lot of things, and these things, is unconscious, unseen.

2. Pit data structure and algorithm

In freshman year winter vacation, know to turn professional exam is in March, I also in the winter vacation to learn a pointer, and also studied the linked list, to be honest, for me at that time, the list is too his mama was difficult to really be moving for a long time, because did not understand the memory address, until the exam, or to list. To be honest, if you learn a few days do not understand the linked list, do not doubt your IQ, for beginners, it is really difficult, especially for me this C language only self-taught about ten days of non-technical classes.

Here are some more suggestions. For those who have not learned C language, IF you have time, I still recommend you to learn C language, especially the pointer part. You are also welcome to use C language as an introductory language. You can also quickly start working with other languages, such as Java references, which are addresses. Anyway, I think C is a must if I have time. Of course, it’s just my opinion.

Later, I changed my major and passed. I was so happy that I could finally learn programming without restraint. I was really interested in my studies at that time. In the second semester of freshman year, the school opened a course on data structure and algorithm. I think this course is a difficult one, and I believe many people have been tortured by this course.

But, what I want to say is, this course, it’s not as hard as lists, and if you learn lists, I don’t think it’s hard at all, because I’ve been messing around with lists myself, so I got into this class pretty quickly. I also did not see the school’s teaching materials, the school’s teaching materials are tsinghua University’s first edition of Yan Weimin’s book, said that, this book personally feel really not suitable for beginners, anyway, I can not read it, may be my dish, at that time I sold another “data structure and algorithm analysis – C language description version”. If you want to learn about data structures and algorithms, you can choose this one, either in C or In Java, but if you can, I recommend that you implement those data structures in C.

In data structure and algorithm in the book, for more detail, the interpretation of the list add before have I seen some list of articles, so quickly understand the list, followed the book a little bit to realize the basic operation of the list (add or delete check change), here I have to say, don’t they understand the doesn’t just write code, be sure to write, because the process of writing, You are bound to encounter a lot of bugs, and by solving them, you will understand lists better.

As for the study of data structure, I basically did not attend the class, because I thought what the teacher said was not suitable for me. I had already learned the graph before the teacher finished the lecture on the linked list. Anyway, the book involves algorithm, I basically learned, also achieved, roughly: linked list, queue, stack, binary tree, graph, graphics longer point, feeling design algorithm is more, such as depth traversal and breadth traversal, minimum spanning tree, the topological sort, the shortest path, I think, this a few figure algorithm is very practical, is also very important, suggest you learn don’t understand.

3. Choose not to play ACM

Before entering the computer professional, I very want to go to school training, feels very cow force acm, oneself also often go to school OJ brush and bought the book introduction to algorithms “algorithm design and analysis foundation”, I think this book is very suitable for introduction, implemented using pseudo code, very simple, I think I just finished watching a week. The back also bought this “challenge program design contest” algorithm book, I go, feel at that time this book speaks of quite good, this book basically is brush topic, learn not yi Yi is happy. Although it was a lot of fun to learn, I felt that the competition questions were too damn difficult. Sometimes it took a day to understand a problem, or at least a few hours, and I still looked at the answer to understand. Was brushed a lot questions, but felt that if they go to dozen acm, with this degree, I feel not be what awards, also feel really wasn’t sensitive to these contest questions, at first glance can’t see that solution, but also a problem for a few hours, you really don’t come, so I gave up to attend school acm.

But those months of algorithm learning, also to lay a good foundation. I also want to do something behind, but THE INTERFACE written in C language is black, not like it. So after learning some HTML, this kind of learning that can see the results of the skills, feel more interesting to learn, learn a few days, the general knowledge point to learn, later found that only HTML is not good, but also have to learn JavaScript. Then spent ten days to learn JS, and then there is no then, because I moved to other love.

But this let me know some front-end knowledge, said, I think even if you do not learn the front-end, then you should also understand some front-end knowledge, this is necessary, even do back-end, but also often need to use the front-end knowledge.

Four, fool around with the summer vacation

1. Windwos programming

The summer vacation after freshman year, I quite want to write a game, but C language and no interface, how to do? Behind I found that Windows programming can draw interface, drawing and so on, is also achieved with C language, so AT that time I saw the small turtle video learning Windows programming, he also incidentally bought the “Windows programming” book, that book 900 pages, ha ha. I think Windows programming is still quite difficult, all kinds of handle what, probably learned almost a month, 900 also read about 600 pages, all kinds of keyboard events, mouse events, anyway a lot of. Back with this knowledge, wrote a calculator, I went, was still very happy, also told my sister, let him try this calculator. And then it didn’t and THEN I moved on, haha.

However, the torment of Windows programming also made me learn a lot, such as how we usually mouse movement, how to realize the bottom of our text editor, I feel that I know a lot of relatively bottom things, but also make my learning ability stronger.

2, Android learning

Because the program written by Windows programming cannot run on mobile phones, according to no one uses my program, so I switched to Android, but Android is heard to be implemented in Java, so I started Java, it seems that I watched videos for several days to get started. Only learn a little fur to write Android, bought a book, is also learning not happy, about 20 days, followed the book to write a weather forecast, learning process, because of their too much do not understand, encountered a lot of bugs, but also several times to their own collapse. The back also wrote a “happy learning numbers” app sent to the application treasure, of course, these programs are written with the book, ha ha. And dozens of people downloaded it, which was pretty happy. Did not have again next next, I transferred affection again don’t love ,,,,

5. Get on track

To tell the truth, a freshman really gotten a lot of things, and then learn what are full of energy, while learning a lot of knowledge is behind of not to use it, but I feel very value, because I think, a freshman sophomore year this time, don’t ask others to do to learn what to learn what, if you are an interested, go to, the whole heart and soul, can really learn a lot of things, and these things, It’s not so much about the specific knowledge points, it’s more about your ability to learn, to toss around, to think logically.

When I was a sophomore, I paid attention to the public number “code farmer turn over”. Through this public number, I understood a lot of knowledge points. At this time, more is a kind of “breadth” understanding. If you are interested, you can also buy the book “Code farmers turn over”, you can first look at the catalogue and then buy, mainly with the story to explain the technology.

In the sophomore year, I mainly learned “Discrete Mathematics”, which allows us to learn the knowledge of listening and speaking algorithms and data structures. After that, I learned “Java Programming Ideas”, but I think this book is not friendly to beginners and can not understand it. During the period, I read The Class Java300 set, and I feel very good, bilibilii can be searched. After watching this video, I feel my Java is very awesome, understand a lot of things. Then look at “Java programming ideas”, I go, feel this book is too good, recommend learning Java to see. Anyway, from this point on, I decided to learn Java architecture.

6. Start learning with goals

For Java, I feel to see is still school 300 + “Java programming thought” feel that they master almost, after hearing that learning Java to see virtual machine, so bought this “in-depth understanding of Java virtual machine” this book to see. After feeling their Own Java quite strong, but above these, the knowledge of multithreading is not much, about Java multithreading, here recommended “Java concurrent programming art” and “Java concurrent combat”, feel good. That’s all I’ve read, of course, but I’ve read a lot of other books, and I’m not going to list them here, because I think they’re pretty much enough.

However, language is a tool, I think we need to select a language, and in-depth study it, here I choose the Java, but it is not enough, learned that big interview, very important basic computer, so their learning the computer network, bi and bi li see Korean teacher at the time of the “computer network principle” this video, speak a good feeling, After that, I learned the operating system with the school curriculum. I read “Operating System: Essence and Design Principle” and also learned “Computer Composition Principle”. If you want to learn the basics of computer science, I think you should take both courses, and I recommend understanding Computer Operating Systems in Depth. It feels like the two courses are pretty much integrated.

But I don’t think it’s important because you learn a lot about design and algorithms and so on. In my junior year, the school opened a computer network course, so I studied computer network again. At that time, I read the book “Computer Network: Top down”, WHICH I thought was very good, and DID not read the school textbooks. Of course, during the study of the database and other knowledge, the mastery of these courses, recommended books and so on, I do not say, can see my previous article [vomit blood collation] those let you take off the computer basic knowledge: learn what, how to learn?

Because I wrote a little long, a little too many words, so the next may write a concise point, as if there is a bit of a head without a tail? Ha ha

7. Opening of wechat official account

In my junior year, I opened my official account and began to write articles. To be honest, I opened my official account for three purposes:

1, to make money

2. Leverage your interview with a tech blog

3. Train your soft skills

As it turned out, the official account brought me a lot of gains, met a lot of people, and made some money. But to tell the truth, do public number, really took me a lot of time, write an article needs a few hours, but also typesetting and so on, I think if I do not do public number, now learning things, certainly a lot more, technology must be a lot of cattle. Lane in the public of this year, although less learned a lot, but I don’t regret, because I said, technology and the result is only part of the university, play with the public, I also learned a lot of other things, such as operation, also contact the pay in recent years the rise of so-called knowledge, many people also take an examination of this made a lot of money.

And through the official account, I also realized economic independence and no longer needed to ask my parents for money. I was really happy at that time. Later, I bought my own OnePlus 6T Mac laptop with my own efforts and sent money to my parents for several times. I have been playing the official account for three months in one year, and I have earned about 70,000 yuan. Although the money is not worth mentioning, I am really happy as I have not graduated yet. Although he spent a lot of time on the official account, qiu zhao still found the big factory he wanted to go to by virtue of his solid foundation. And relying on the public number, before graduation, to achieve a monthly income of more than ten thousand. For the public this side of the toss, I think I can write a long article, we are interested in words, then you can write a journey about the public number.

We must not see the public so good money to play the public number ha, a lot of things look easy, get up is not easy, how many people are writing to give up, I was also midway, can only say, the public or give me a lot of harvest, and more than earned money during the period.

Eight, rotten tail

Feels like this article is going to die lol. Core wrote his freshman, sophomore, accidentally wrote more than six thousand words, on the right track of study introduces the few, mainly because after back on track, feel nothing to say, mainly is the computer basic knowledge of learning, if want to write in detail, feel want points three articles to write, so I chose to housing. Later write it again, estimated that this article nearly 7000 words wrote three or four hours, do not know how many people are finished reading, so still do not write so long, or no one will see, hee hee. In the three years of university, I have spent the first year in the university, accumulated basic knowledge in the second year, operated the official account in the third year and prepared for the autumn recruitment interview.

Of course, what is said above is only the study and toss about of technical aspects, and there are many feelings of life that have not been written, and I will write later, although you may not be interested in it. Well, I don’t know how many of you saw this, but this is definitely true love.

The Last Last

Although their university is ordinary, ordinary, but they are still satisfied, at least have their own public number, nothing can come to talk nonsense, find their own company, oh, the university forgot to talk about a love, freshman and first love after breaking up, Buddha department did not continue to look for a girlfriend. Now the goal is to learn SQL + Linux + GO, to write technical articles, to prepare for the future work, to make money! If you like the articles I wrote, or are familiar with my experience, you are welcome to follow my wechat public account “Helpless and painful code farmers”.

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