Apple released iOS 15 Beta 2 and IDOS 15 Beta 2 to developers last week, the first updates since they were first unveiled earlier this month at WWDC 2021. Let’s take a look at what’s new in the update.

Not suitable for some devices

According to the release notes for iPados 15 Beta 2 on Apple’s developer site, this version cannot be installed on the 9.7-inch iPad Pro (WiFi + Cellular). The reason is unknown, but it may be that Apple found something serious and skipped this version for the affected iPad models for now.

New map icon

Apple revealed a new icon for its Maps app at WWDC 2021, but it wasn’t included in iOS 15 Beta 1. The map icon has been changed in iOS 15 Beta 2, according to fans who have already upgraded. The driving direction of the animation is also shown in the app.

Memoji expression

Apple also mentioned earlier this month that there will be a new look for the Memojis, including options for customizing clothing, expression colors and more. These options are now available in iOS 15 Beta 2.

New welcome screen in weather app

When you first launch the Weather app after updating iOS 15 Beta 2, you’ll see a welcome screen highlighting its new features and new notifications.

Quick notes on the iPad

A quick note feature is already available in iPADOS 15 Beta 1. Now in Beta 2, users can swipe from the lower right corner to trigger this feature.

SharePlay function

SharePlay is a new feature that lets users share songs, videos, and even screens within FaceTime calls. This feature is now available in iOS 15 Beta 2.

The browser

Apple brings back the refresh button to the Safari address bar, but it only shows up when using the mouse or trackpad.

In addition to some new features, the iOS 15 Beta 2 beta also fixes a number of bugs. For example, the Finder does not respond when installing the iOS 15 beta using “Restoring Image”; ICloud Private Relay doesn’t work properly; [Fixed] WeChat Moments cannot post videos Negative one screen can not be displayed normally; Function localization and so on.

While this update is considerably more stable than iOS 15 Beta 1, many issues remain. We still do not recommend that you do not blindly upgrade, to avoid affecting the normal use of the equipment.