Apper. IO is Exadel’s cloud-based mobile application creation platform for iOS, Android, Windows Phone, and HTML5 mobile applications. With Apper. IO, developers can easily connect to and use cloud services. also includes a visual editor that provides a rich set of drag-and-drop components and pre-packaged REST (APIs). combines the benefits of HTML5, PhoneGap, JavaScript, jQuery Mobile, and CSS, allowing you to do your own DIY Mobile apps without programming experience.

Appery. IO features:

  • Easy to use. Apper. IO is a cloud-based platform that allows you to create your own mobile applications without installing or downloading them.
  • Build iOS, Android, Windows Phone, and HTML5 mobile apps. The Apper. IO application builder includes Apache Cordova(PhoneGap), so you can quickly create hybrid applications using built-in components or the PhoneGap API. And the apper. IO will build binary files so that you can publish or download apps from the app store.
  • Quickly create the UI. With the mainstream jQuery Mobile and HTML5 components in the visual editor, you can quickly create your own UI with simple drag and drop components.
  • Serves the UI binding. The UI connects REST API data quickly and simply by selecting UI components and mapping them to the inputs and outputs of a service. If you want to have more powerful services, you can write your own custom JavaScript and apply it to the mapping.
  • Build real applications through REST APIs. A UI without data is of little practical use, and in applications, you can connect to any REST API with the use of Also, you can test the REST API and custom service response structures on the page before using them.
  • Add the application database. Need to store application data? You can add a cloud database and a back end for your application. The Apper. IO database comes with a high-end REST API that allows you to easily display, create, edit, and delete application data. The Apper. IO database also comes with built-in user management and works well with the Apper. IO application generator.
  • Add powerful plug-ins. You can add a number of powerful features to your app through the Appery’s plugin directory, or you can create your own proprietary plugins and run them into your app.
  • Sharing is easy and quick. With Apper. IO, you can share your mobile application projects in real time with your development team, enterprise users, and customers.

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