The development of mobile Internet has been imperceptible for more than 10 years. It can be said that the dividend period of domestic mobile Internet has passed. Now, the increment is limited and the stock is fighting, from the competition for users to the competition for time. Whether users or enterprises, they have put forward higher requirements for the user experience and performance of APP.

However, in the process of rapid iteration, an APP product will inevitably leave some technical debts. When an APP product gradually matured and the number of users gradually increased, it will inevitably face a problem: performance optimization.

Performance optimization has also become a mobile development engineers to senior engineers on the road to an unavoidable hurdle, and this hurdle, to be honest, the threshold and learning costs are quite high. Performance optimization is also an important dimension for enterprises to examine the technical level of a senior Android engineer.

This is a knowledge map of Android App performance optimization scheme that I shared in the company. I will share it with you. I hope to engage in Android development peers do more and more profound, more and more far. I also look forward to more exchanges and discussions with you, learn from each other and progress.

We do technology, learning pressure is quite big, as if once on the “technology” this boat, must become a “lifelong learner”. In today’s world, junior mobile developers are scarce, but good senior engineers are scarce. However, I think there is no need for us to be too anxious. Just find the way of lifelong learning that is suitable for us, the underlying logic that is not likely to change in the short or medium term, and the frequency that follows the beat of The Times, so as to constantly iterate and evolve ourselves.

I hope all of us who love technology can have a better technical life.

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