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  • Cash flow gameWindowsversion
  • Cash flow gameAndroidversion

💡 Q&A

  • Why Cashflow Game?

    This is a classic financial puzzle games, the name of the domestic variety, cash flow/rich dad poor dad/rat race game, the game although what is virtual, but thought can still draw lessons from, to improve their financial and cash flow, 2020 BaoLei everywhere, is suitable for the small white don’t understand finance, to improve their own financial and cash flow.

  • Instructions on the electronic and card versions

    Cashflow games are available in electronic and card versions.

    Electronic version: the advantage is anytime and anywhere, do not need a venue, do not need to play with a partner, a person can play, the disadvantage is to play their own;

    Solitaire: Play with other players to create a sense of presence and verbal interaction. Learn from other players’ investments. The disadvantage of the card version is to have partners and bankers, but the advantage is also because partners and bankers can be more atmosphere and more fruitful.

    Personally, I suggest using electronic version to train the filling in of financial statements and the understanding of financial knowledge learned, and more should be learned through playing cards.

🔨 Use tools

Unpack the

  • APKTools (Decompiler/Compiler)
  • JDK 1.8 (environment)
  • APK Update 3.5.0 (IDE/ Signature)

Modify the resource

  • JPEXS Free Flash Decompiler 11.3.0

    Free open source Flash decompiler, Java is required

  • ATF2PNG file converter

    Modify a specific texture file

  • Adobe Photoshop 2021

🎉 Screenshot of demo

  • 💻 computer

  • 📱 Android


Resources available: https://3ez.cn/141.html

Baidu network disk channel, Baidu network disk resources download operation steps:

  1. The resources will be transferred to your own baidu net disk;
  2. Go to http://pan.baidu.com/download/ to download and install the baidu cloud housekeeper;
  3. Through the login Baidu cloud housekeeper to download your Baidu net disk in the resources.

📌 checking

  • Understand the architecture of regular Android software;
  • Further optimize their own search data path;
  • Have a heart to do one thing, no matter what way you will give him to dig out.

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