Android Studio is flexible in setting keyboard shortcuts. Developers should be able to find appropriate KeyMap and keyboard shortcuts when moving from different platforms to Android Studio for Android development, because AS directly maps shortcut keys from other platforms or customize shortcut keys. For the convenience of comparison, this article is for the record only.



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You can also customize the shortcut keys. Right click on an item to expand the menu, and you can set keyboard shortcuts and mouse shortcuts

Platform compatibility

In view of the different modules, can set up shortcut keys, such as some of the editing process operation and IDE at the top of the main menu, version control, etc., although very convenient shortcut, but memory is also more arduous, so remember some shortcuts basically using a high probability can greatly improve the efficiency of development

Mode of operation

Common Shortcut keys

File shortcuts
Open the Settings Ctrl + ALt + S
Open the Project Struct Ctrl + ALt + Shift + S
save Ctrl + S
synchronous Ctrl + Y
File comparison, select a file and press the shortcut key Ctrl + D
Quickly create Ctrl + Alt + Insert

Edit shortcuts
Undo Ctrl + Z
Redo Ctrl + Shift + Z
Cut Ctrl + X
Copy Ctrl + C
Copy pathname Ctrl + Shift + C
Copy the reference Ctrl + Shift +Alt + C
Paste Ctrl + V
Select paste from copy history Ctrl + Shift + V
delete Delete
To find the Ctrl + F
replace Ctrl + R
View the next query result F3
View the result of the previous query Shift + F3
Scroll down to find the currently selected content Ctrl + F3
Selects the search results for all and currently selected content Ctrl + Alt + Shift + J
Adds the currently selected object as the next lookup object Alt + J
Highlight a reference to the selected object Ctrl + Shift + F7
Column selects the mode switch Alt + Shift + Insert
select all Ctrl + A
Expand selection Ctrl + W
Narrow the selection Ctrl + Shift + W
Automatic completion Ctrl + Shift + Enter
Display prompt information Ctrl + Shift + Space
Merge rows Ctrl + Shift + J
Copy one line Ctrl + D
To delete a line Ctrl + Y
The selected content toggles case Ctrl + Shift + U
Increase indent Tab
Reduce the indentation Shift + Tab

Note column selected

The column is selected

Line selected

View shortcuts
JSON View Meta + Ctrl + Shift + N

Navigation shortcuts
Jump to the line Ctrl + G
To find the class Ctrl + N
Find files Ctrl + Shift + N
To find the Symbols Ctrl + Shift + Alt + N
Back Ctrl + Alt + left arrow
Forward Ctrl + Alt + right arrow
The last place I edited it Ctrl + Alt + BackSpace
The next error in the code F2
The last error in the code Shift + F2
The next method Alt + down arrow
Previous method Alt + up arrow

Methods that can be overridden Ctrl + O
Methods that can be overridden Ctrl + I
Make all kinds of things Alt + Insert
Some plug-ins suggest content that could also be generated using Generate, such as GsonFormat in Generate
Surround With Ctrl + Alt + T
Surround With
Comment line Alt + /
Uncomment the line and perform Alt + / once Alt + /
Insert template content Ctrl + J
Content of the template
This can be used as a quick log, comment or general method, which is convenient
Wrap in template Ctrl + Alt + J
Block comments Alt + Shift + /
Uncomment the line and execute Alt + Shift+ / once Alt + Shift + /
Formatting code Alt + Shift + L
Resolve indent formatting errors Alt + Shift + I
Quickly import packages and delete unwanted packages Alt + Shift + O
Statements up Ctrl + Shift + up arrow
Statements down Ctrl + Shift + down arrow
Line up Alt+ Shift + up arrow
Line down Alt+ Shift + down arrow

Build shortcuts
Build the project Ctrl + F9

Run shortcuts
Run Alt + Shift + F10
Debug Alt + Shift + F9


Sort out some commonly used shortcut keys. During the process of sorting out, I found some functions that I did not know before, which will definitely be helpful for future development. If there are any mistakes, please point out.