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The tool I want to share today is an open source tool related to SQL. It can solve the common pain point between operations and development to some extent (I believe some people have experienced this), which is also a good thing for development and operations.

It is a convenient and quick SQL statement review platform called Comchurn which provides a variety of utility features including query auditing, SQL check auditing, SQL rollback, custom workflow etc. Easy to install and deploy, support MySQL, currently compatible with 99% of MySQL standard SQL syntax. Supports native installation and container deployment.

The back-end logic of this platform is implemented in GO language with concise syntax and strong performance. The front-end interface is realized by Vue.js framework, and the modern rendering technology brings a smooth and beautiful user interface.

In this paper, making
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My life as a programmer.

The main function

It has the following main features many of which are very useful tools.

  • Automated SQL statement audit, SQL can be automatically detected and executed
  • Rollback statements are automatically generated after DDL/DML statements are executed
  • SQL query function, support query work order, export, automatic completion/intelligent prompt, query statement audit and desensitization of query results and other functions.
  • Support for LDAP login/pinning and push mail messages
  • Support for custom audit workflows
  • Supports fine-grained authority management and assignment

Install the deployment

It does not rely on any third party SQL audit tool as audit engine and has internally implemented audit/rollback logic. Only rely on the MySQL database.

With the binary installation package, address is https://github.com/cookieY/Ye… And can be downloaded by selecting the file-x.x.x.linux-amd64.zip package in Assets with the following directory structure:

Depending on the space limit, the detailed configuration file writing, platform initialization and service startup process can refer to the source code and document address at the end of the article, and follow the steps to operate.

Part of the functional module overview

The background Dashboard

This part mainly displays the background overview of the system. The left side is the function menu, and the right side will display the number of users, data sources, work orders, queries and other relevant overview preview information.

Database (source) management

To manage the database in the way of list management, you can add/edit/delete data sources by yourself.

SQL syntax and rule checking


Query function

Support SQL syntax highlighting and automatic completion.

Source code and document address

Source/documents, as well as the specific way of installation may refer to: https://github.com/cookiey/ye…

Interested partners can install and deploy to try it.


In addition, I recently spent a lot of effort to self-use programming learning resources to do a big reorganization.

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Making https://github.com/rd2coding/Road2Coding the content has included, inside still have I the six big route programming the direction of the self-study + knowledge comb, my resume, interview the examination site, some hardcore PDF notes, programmer and my life, Welcome to star.

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