• Total itinerary: Tianjin -> Wulanhada Volcano -> Huitengxile Huanghuagou Grassland -> Tianjin
  • Day 1: Tianjin -> Ulan Hada Volcano (496 km, 6 HRS)
  • Day 2: Wulanhada Volcano -> Huitengxile Huanghuagou Grassland (111 km, 1 hour 52 min)
  • Day 3: Huitengxile Huanghuagou Grassland -> Tianjin (503 km, 6 h, 38 min)

Matters needing attention

  1. The temperature difference between morning and evening is big. Pay attention to keep warm. The highest temperature is more than 20 degrees
  2. Do a good job of sunscreen, it is best to wear sunglasses
  3. The wind is strong, occasionally there will be fine sand hit the face
  4. Light-colored clothes look good from a distance (a white fire or a contrasting red color)
  5. Bring snacks and water, there is nothing to eat near the volcano, it is 20 km from the nearest Chahar right wing rear flag
  6. Charging treasure

Huitengxile Yellow Flower Gully Grassland

  • Set ticket: 166 yuan/person, scan the code to enter
  • Route: It takes 1 hour to get to the depth of Huanghuagou from the bottom of the wooden trestle, then you can walk to the Xueli station and take the bus to the No. 3 cable car up the hill. Get off the cable car and take the grass small train. After getting off at the flower grassland station, you can walk to the north gate parking lot of the scenic spot

Ulan Jada Volcano

  • Play in order: Volcano 3 -> Volcano 5 -> Volcano 6
  • Volcano No. 3: The mountain is dark gray, there is a plank road, you can not climb to the top, there is a useless red telephone booth on the mountainside to take photos, you can see the sunrise
  • Volcano No. 5: The most complete volcano, steep, can only be hiking, climbing difficult, to the top of the complete volcano can see the opposite, photo is like a no man’s land, you can camp barbecue at the bottom of the mountain to see the stars
  • Volcano 6: The mountain is black, and the mining is serious. You can drive directly to it. You can see the crater cliffs, take pictures like the surface of the moon, and you can see the volcano 5 and watch the sunset