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Small six usually used in the development of idea, and then so far, also accumulated not good plug-ins, here is going to write an article to record, such as the next time for idea, can let yourself quickly find these plug-ins, this article will always be updated, unless you do not have idea, ha ha


A translation plug-in, integrated in IDEA, can not switch the window to the browser or other software search, and can be based on the hump naming rules corresponding to the variable name or method name, in the definition of method name or attribute variable is very convenient

1, install,

Go to Settings –>plugins in idea, search for Translation and press Enter, then click Installed, and wait for the download to complete and restart idea.

MyBatis Log Plugin

Mybatis is now the first choice for database manipulation in Java. During development, Mybatis scripts will be directly exported to the console, but by default, the output script is not a direct executable.


Java language, every time to write entity class need to write a lot of setter, getter, if the bean property once modified, deleted or added, need to generate or delete get/set and other methods, to increase the burden of code maintenance, which is also a reason Java is criticized. Lombok solves these problems for us by using Lombok annotations (@setter, @getter, @toString, @@Requiredargsconstructor, @equalSandhashCode or @data) There is no need to write or generate methods such as GET /set, which greatly reduces the amount of code and reduces the burden of code maintenance.


What can I say about this? For example, when we do postMan test, we need JSON format. What if it takes a lot of time to write one by one? Then you can use it to generate JSON much faster.


1. Mapper file (dao corresponding to the table) can be switched freely with XML file to facilitate code review; 2, automatic code generation function to improve development efficiency, mysql database to create a good table structure, write poJO (note that the field type should be unified with object type!) , can generate XML, mapper, service; 3, Mapper naming rules are relatively unified, which can improve the consistency of code style;


Codota helps you code faster with fewer errors by completing lines of code based on millions of Java programs and your context

Alibaba code protocol scan

Note: Ali coding protocol scan is enabled for real-time monitoring by default, which may cause idea lag. You can click to turn off the real-time detection function to close it, and then actively scan files after the completion of coding

Stack Overflow

Without introducing all know things, programmers like to find the answer to one of the forums, there are plug-ins oh, convenient not


Is it easier to locate restful controllers than CTRL + Shift + F?

Maven Helper: Maven Helper

Help resolve dependency issues

SequenceDiagram generation tool


Camel case switch plug-in.

You can quickly switch between CamelCase, CamelCase, snake_case and snake_case by using shortcuts.

Default shortcut keys: CTRL + Shift + U

At the end

Like to use it as soon as possible, delicious oh

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Ok, everybody, that’s all for this article, you can see people here, they are real fans.

Creation is not easy, your support and recognition, is the biggest motivation for my creation, we will see in the next article

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