Brief introduction:On May 29, Ali cloud developers conference, Alibaba announced the ability to open source cloud native database, open the relational database PolardB for PostgreSQL source code, service millions of developers, and community developers together to build a cloud native distributed database ecology. “We hope to open Aliyun’s rich experience in cloud native distributed database technology through standard technical components and systems to build an open source database ecosystem.” Ali cloud intelligent database product division head Li Feifei said.

The database is the rigid requirement of the basic software, and is listed as the “three major pieces of global technology” together with the chip and the operating system. The open source model is popular among database users and is considered a standard part of the Internet landscape.

In more than ten years, Alibaba database has completed the development path from commercial, open source to self-research, and has formed various rivers and rivers with a rapid momentum. Its market share is firmly in the top three in the world, the first in the Asia-Pacific region, and it is far ahead in China. Since 2018, Ali Cloud database has entered the magic quadrant of Gartner database for three consecutive years, and entered the leader quadrant of Gartner global database in 2020, becoming the first Chinese enterprise to enter the leader in the field of basic software, representing the Chinese database to truly enter the world class.

In 2009, Alibaba built Alisql branch based on MySQL, replacing Oracle internally. In 2015, Aliyun launched AnalyticDB, a cloud native data warehouse, which supports real-time analysis of PB data. In 2017, PolarDB, a cloud-based native relational database, was released, which focuses on the separation of storage and computation. The cost of the same performance is 1/10 of that of the commercial database.

To meet the diverse needs of users on the cloud, PolardB has developed different compatible versions for different database protocols, including versions compatible with MySQL, PostgreSQL and Oracle, and a distributed form for each version. The first open source is PolardB for PostgreSQL, a PostgreSQL compatible distributed version of the database kernel, related plug-ins, tool scripts, test cases and design documents, suitable for the core business scenarios of medium and large enterprises. The open source follows the Apache Version 2.0 protocol, with full sharing and respect for the original author’s copyright mode open source, the code can be modified and re-released. A highly available cluster version based on Paxos replication has been released on GitHub, with distributed transactions, high availability, and standalone performance capabilities to follow.

“We are always in close communication with the open source community. In the future, Ali Cloud will also establish its own open source community to solve more business problems and needs with faster response speed.” Li Feifei said that Ali Cloud will increase investment in the open source database community, work with partners and developers to build an ecosystem, flourish the distributed database ecosystem, and promote technological change.

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