Brief introduction:The competition is open to registration from now until 10:00 on August 4. The total prize pool is up to 400,000 yuan.

The cloud has become a trend, and in the future IT is believed that more and more IT services will be created, deployed and optimized directly on the cloud. In this context, how to use the resources on the cloud and according to the characteristics of the cloud, build both high-performance, high stability, high cost performance IT services, has become one of the mainstream topics of IT practitioners.

Aliyun elastic computing ECS is the earliest cloud product that almost every user of Aliyun has access to. ECS provides a computing base with both performance, stability and flexibility, so that every user can efficiently and conveniently develop, operate and maintain their own products and services.

On June 24th, around the theme of “CloudBuild on the Cloud”, the first “CloudBuild on the Cloud, Efficient and Intelligent — Aliyun ECS CloudBuild Developer Competition” was officially held on Aliyun Tiechi official website.

This competition is co-sponsored by Ali cloud and Intel, focusing on the high availability and high stability of users in the cloud development of the most concerned proposition, set up the performance challenge and algorithm challenge two tracks, so that participants experience the development of cloud efficient and convenient, challenge the performance and stability of Ali cloud ECS limit. During the whole competition, a number of senior technical experts from Aliyun provided technical support and learned from each other and discussed with the developers.

The competition is now open to the whole society for registration, individual developers, institutions of higher learning, enterprises, scientific research units and other personnel can register to participate in the competition, for the majority of developers and related scientific research enterprises to provide a challenge platform.

To understand the details of event is introduced, and the problem, please visit the tournament’s official website:

Dual track races, focusing on cloud development for high availability

When creating their own services using public clouds, enterprises and developers are most concerned about the high performance, high stability and high cost performance of resources. From the perspective of the most common business system and the stable performance of the underlying resources in the most common enterprise, the performance challenge and algorithm challenge were set up in this competition.

Web Service is one of the most common system forms in various industries. The Performance Challenge question discusses the performance optimization of Web Service deployment in the cloud, hoping that participants can optimize the performance of the cloud Web Service and ensure the high availability of the Service by means of code writing, operating system and database selection, parameter tuning and other means. The seventh-generation cloud server ECS released by Aliyun is equipped with the third-generation Intel ® XXON ® Extensible Proctor (codenamed Ice Lake) and the third-generation Shenlong architecture developed by Aliyun. Its performance is 40% higher than that of the previous generation. For example, in MySQL, Redis, Nginx and other scenarios, the performance is up to 50% higher. To greatly improve the processing capacity of high-load Internet application scenarios, this track will be based on this cloud server, and we hope to show its performance in a more specific and comprehensive way through this race. In addition to excellent performance, Ali Cloud elastic computing service can be said to be “as stable as a rock”, which is inseparable from the technical team behind – DPCA computing platform in the study of stability technology. The advanced fault prediction algorithm is one of the reasons for the high stability of elastic computation. With the outage exception prediction technology, the elastic computing technical team can migrate or troubleshoot the business before the outage occurs to avoid the business damage caused by server outages.

There are many factors that cause server downtime, among which memory error is one of the main factors that cause downtime. The algorithm challenge focuses on how to accurately predict server anomalies caused by memory system anomalies.

Hot registration, 400,000 bonus + super luxury expert lineup

The competition is open to registration from now to 10:00 on August 4, with a total bonus pool of up to 400,000 yuan. After the preliminary round and the semi-round, the representatives of the TOP 6 teams in the semi-round of each track will be invited to participate in the final defense in October.

Senior technical experts will provide professional technical questions and guidance for the contestants in the whole process of “Cloud Development, Efficient and Intelligent – Aliyun ECS CloudBuild Developer Competition”. The competition also has a luxurious team of experts, including:

Jiang Jiangwei, senior researcher of Aliyun and person in charge of basic products, Zhang Xiantao, researcher of Aliyun and person in charge of elastic computing, Jiang Linquan, researcher of Aliyun and person in charge of Shenlong computing platform, together with Zheng Xudong, Tian Taotao, Wu Junyin, Zhu Ming, Ma Xuhua and Wang Yunong and many other big players of Aliyun technology support the whole process; There are also Intel Data Center Solutions Architect Wenhui Shu, Software Architect Speefeng and other technical support.

The judges are all senior experts in the field of cloud architecture, performance and stability, with rich research and practical experience. Their interpretation and evaluation of the competition questions are believed to give a lot of inspiration to the contestants.

, “said ali cloud based product owner Jiang Jiangwei ali cloud provides a flexible to the extreme, the stability of the computation, storage, network resources such as the base, and a variety of automated deployment and operational self-service ability, hope that through this contest, can let more players make the fullest use of these skills, experience to the cloud on the development of efficient, produced more cloudy on best practice.”

Zhang Xiantao, head of elastic computing of Ali Cloud, said: “As one of the most common and universal services, Web Service performance optimization seems simple, but it is also a question that enterprise development, operation and maintenance personnel think about most in daily life: how to provide the optimal performance and stability within limited resources? It includes multi-level thinking such as resource selection, operating system selection, code optimization and system parameter adjustment, among which, diversified automated operation and maintenance suites on the cloud need to be used to improve the efficiency of resource deployment.”

Jiang Linquan, head of Aliyun Shenlong Computing Platform, said: “With more than 10 years of large-scale practice and data accumulation of elastic computing, combined with the machine learning algorithm of Aliyun Institute, the accuracy of Aliyun elastic computing fault prediction algorithm, especially the accuracy of memory fault prediction algorithm, is in the leading level in the industry. It takes a combination of business scenarios and algorithms to come up with a surprise. Hopefully, this competition will create more surprises and let us find more great engineers.”

Cloud is the shortest path for developers to innovate in this era, and it is also the best platform for enterprises to obtain technology dividends. Ali Cloud and Intel hope that through this competition, more developers and enterprises can make full use of cloud, manage cloud, and further enjoy the technology dividends brought by cloud.

Details of entry and questions

Hot registration, 400,000 bonus + super luxury panel of judges waiting for you! Click the link in the description to sign up.

To understand the details of event is introduced, and the problem, please visit the tournament’s official website:

“Build a high performance, high stability of Web Service” track registration:

“Design a memory fault prediction algorithm” track registration:

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