Why did SpringCloud Alibaba emerge?

Spring Cloud Netflix project enters the maintenance mode. Spring Cloud Netflix will no longer develop new components. We know that the iteration of Spring Cloud version is relatively fast. As a result, a lot of Nakajima issues appeared, and then another Release was pushed without fixing. Entering maintenance mode means that there are only so many services and functions provided by Spring Cloud and Netflix in the future, and there are no more developmental components and functions. The maintenance and Merge branch Full Requset will dominate in the future. In other words: SpringCloud’s technology stack is no longer complete! At this point, it is necessary to find a new complete technology stack.

What is SpringCloud Alibaba?

Spring-cloud-alibaba project consists of Alibaba’s open source components and a number of Ali Cloud products, aiming to realize and make public the well-known Spring framework pattern and abstraction, and bring the benefits of Spring-Boot and Spring-Cloud to Java developers using Alibaba products.

What can SpringCloud Alibaba do?

  • Service traffic limiting degradation: Servlet, Feign\ RestTemplate, Dubbo, and RocketMQ traffic limiting degradation functions can be accessed by default. The number of traffic limiting degradation nodes can be changed in real time through the console at runtime. Traffic limiting Metrics can also be viewed.

  • Services registered with Discovery: ADAPTS Spring Cloud services registered with the Discovery standard and integrates Ribbon support by default

  • Distributed configuration management: Supports the configuration of external phones in distributed systems, and automatically refreshes configuration changes.

  • Message driven capabilities: Build message driven capabilities for microservice applications based on Spring Cloud Stream.

  • Ali Cloud object storage: Ali Cloud provides massive, secure, low-cost and highly reliable cloud storage services. Supports storage and access of any type of data in any application, at any time and under any circumstances.

  • Distributed task scheduling: provides second-level, precise, highly reliable, and highly available scheduled (Cron expression based) task scheduling services. At the same time, a distributed task execution model is provided, such as grid task, which supports mass tasks to be evenly distributed to all workers (schedulerx-client) for execution.

Why learn SpringCloud Alibaba

Spring Cloud Alibaba provides a one-stop solution for distributed application development. It contains all the components needed to develop distributed applications that can be easily developed using Spring Cloud.

With Spring Cloud Alibaba, with a few annotations and a little configuration, Spring Cloud applications can be connected to Alibaba’s distributed solution and distributed applications can be built using Alibaba middleware.

It is for these reasons that we need to learn SpringCloud Alibaba technology.

So how do you learn? The information on SpringCloud Alibaba in the market is fragmentary and not a complete system at all; Go to the official website to learn and have no way to start, suffered a blow. Therefore, I will share here my carefully collected “SpringCloudAlibaba Learning Notes” from the beginning to the soul

This pen was written by Ali and only circulated internally. After several twists and turns, I finally got it. I have seen the small part of it. What exactly does this note say? Let’s take a look

Spring – the Cloud – Alibaba brain figure

Ps: Due to the large content, this time will show some parts. If you are not satisfied with this note and want to have a deeper understanding of S Pring Cloud Alibaba, you can learn more details at the end of the article.

Module 1 Microservice Architecture Design: This module mainly introduces what microservice architecture is and some common problems in microservice architecture design.

Nacos Service Governance: The Nacos registry is the core of the entire microservice architecture. This article provides a detailed introduction to the installation, use, and cluster building process of Nacos, as well as an illustrated introduction to the basic principles of Nacos service discovery.

Module 3 System protection: Sentinel is a service protection middleware provided by Alibaba. Sentinel can effectively prevent system crashes in distributed architecture. In this phase, we will explain best practices for Sentinel in terms of current limiting, fuses, code control, and more.

Module 4 Advanced features: In this phase, we introduce many of the advanced features provided by SpringCloudAlibaba. For example, configuration center, link tracing, performance monitoring, distributed transaction, message queue, etc. We will walk through each of these technologies, from application introduction to principle analysis.

Module 5 Microservice communication: When services need to communicate with each other, springcloudAlibaba supports RPC and restful solutions. The corresponding products are Dubbo and OpenFeign. In this phase, I will present the best practices and rationale for these components.

Module 6 Best practices of micro-service architecture: In this phase, I will take out my private dry goods to explain the comprehensive application and project practice of micro-service architecture. Here we will be exposed to Seata distributed transaction architecture, multi-level cache design, and old project upgrade strategies!


SpringCloud Netflix project enters the maintenance mode, and no new components will be developed. SpringCloud cannot meet the development needs of interconnected enterprises in terms of performance. However, the development of the Internet is in urgent need of solutions to micro-service, so the leading enterprise Ali came into being and launched a new generation of micro-service architecture solutions of Spring Cloud Alibaba.

If you haven’t mastered the mainstream technology yet and want to learn it in the shortest time, you can click here to get a screenshot of the complete system.