A, reference

Elasticsearch Learning Series Directory — Update ing

Two, basic use

2.1 downloadshellThe client

Download address

tar -xzvf lindorm-search-tool.tar.gz

cd lindorm-search-tool

2.2 Modify configuration

Modify the configuration file Lindorm-search-tool /conf/solr.in.sh to add the personal engine address

2.3 Basic commands

Through the script Lindorm-search-tool /bin/solr

The command instructions
./solr helpinterface
./solr create_collection -c testIndex -n _indexer_default -shards 2 Create a test index and configure the sharding to2, the default configuration set is_indexer_default
./solr list_collections View index list
./solr zk downconfig -d . -n _indexer_default Download the configuration set
./solr zk ls /configs View the list of configuration sets
./solr zk upconfig -d conf -n myConf Create a new configuration set
/solr create_collection -c myIndex -n myConf -shards 2 Creates a new index, using the specified configuration set