ElasticJob profile

ElasticJob is a distributed scheduling solution, that is, a distributed scheduled task framework, which consists of two independent components of ElasticJob-Lite and ElasticJob-Cloud:

ElasticJob-Lite ElasticJob-Cloud
There is no centralized is no
The allocation of resources Does not support support
Operation mode The resident Resident + instantaneous
Deployment of depend on ZooKeeper ZooKeeper + Mesos

Features List:

Compared with traditional Quartz timed task framework, ElasticJob can only be deployed on a single machine. ElasticJob is more powerful and supports distributed elastic scheduling, resource control, job management, and online visual management and control.

ElasticJob status

ElasticJob is a distributed timed task project originally opened by Dangdang at the end of 2014. It was not maintained for several years between 2017 and 2020, and was restarted in 2020 as a sub-project of Apache ShardingSphere.

The domain name has been switched to Apache ShardingSphere:


The code hosting address has also been changed to Apache:


Return of ElasticJob 3.0.0

ElasticJob 3.0.0 was recently released:

It’s been four years since the last 2.1.5 release…

Version 3.0.0 of ElasticJob has been released after alpha, beta and RC1 releases. This is also the first official version of ElasticJob since it restarted on May 28, 2020 as a sub-project of Apache ShardingSphere.

Check out what’s new:

1, error handling email notification support SMTP SSL configuration;

2. Fixed 2 bugs:

1) Failover does not take effect in distributed environment;

2) The issue of ReconcileService continuing to operate after the closure of operations;

ElasticJob Spring Boot Starter make spring-boot-starter- JDBC an optional dependency.

Now Spring Boot is the world, various technical frameworks also provide support for Spring Boot Starter, let Spring Boot integration in minutes, so fragrant! Spring Boot base is not introduced, basic tutorial and sample source stack length before writing a pile, do not understand can recommend learning under:


Seriously?? A big 3.0.0 update to this feature was a bit of a surprise.

ElasticJob 3.0.0 also includes a number of kernel refactoring and decoupling enhancements, as well as a number of ecological docking enhancements, such as out-of-the-box enterprise wechat and pin job error notifications.


ElasticJob 3.0.0 isn’t a big surprise, but it’s a big step forward. I haven’t been looking at ElasticJob for a while, but I don’t recommend it for now.

ElasticJob 2. X is the only version of ElasticJob that can be used by large companies.

Companies known to adopt can see here:


ElasticJob has been used by the same company as ElasticJob, and has been customizing some of the ElasticJob features. I think it’s ok. Sharding and automatic failover are very powerful.

Distributed Job Elastic- How to get started with distributed Job

ElasticJob can be a subproject of Apache. With the release of ElasticJob 3.0.0 and the continued release of ElasticJob, the future of the Distributed timed Task framework is likely to change as well.

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