When I write articles on WeChat official accounts, I often need to repeat some terms, such as CRM, C4C, S/4HANA and so on. To cut down on typing, I was looking for an input method that would allow me to quickly type out the full contents of these long words with a small amount of typing.

After testing, found that Google Pinyin input method can meet my requirements. Here are the detailed steps to use it.

After installing the Google Input Method, open the Control Panel and follow the path shown in the following image to enter the language Options. Click the Options hyperlink:

In the Design dialog box, click the “Edit Custom Phrase” button:

The maintenance interface here is very intuitive. For example, I mean, every time I type a character c, the first option in the optional word of the Google input method is C4C:

Similarly, if you type ch, the first option is Chrome. The effect is shown below.

These user-defined phrases can be exported to local files. The format of these local files is simple TXT format, you can directly use the text editor to add new content, and then re-import into the control panel.

In this way, we can greatly reduce the number of keystrokes when we enter text.

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