Recently, under the guidance of the National Center for Science and Technology Assessment, Beijing Software and Information Service Industry Association, and Jinke Innovation Society jointly launched the “Xin Zhi Award” for the third financial data intelligent excellent solution selection. Smart Software won the award of “Outstanding Solution for Data Governance and Data Platform Innovation” with its SmartBi “Home of Data” integrated analysis solution for financial big data.

The contest has been held three consecutive terms, the evaluate is the product of artificial intelligence, big data, financial application service three big niche focusing on scientific and technological achievements, selected can meet the demand of the financial industry itself, has advanced, can helps for good solutions, the financial industry is the data intelligent application brand quality award. This award is not only the affirmation of the judges and the majority of financial customers, but also reflects the recognition of the whole industry on the operation effectiveness and service level of our solutions that enable the transformation of the financial industry.

Deep BI

Focus on polishing product technology

SmartBi takes products as the core, based on users, starting from users’ needs, focusing on product polishing, providing users with business intelligence solutions from data collection, data processing, data analysis to data visualization.

1. Big data analysis platform

Connecting with various business databases, data warehouses and big data analysis platforms, data processing, analysis and mining and visualization display can be carried out to meet the various data analysis application requirements of all users.

2. Data operation platform

It provides enterprise-level data analysis tools and services around business personnel to meet different types of business users. It can realize full self-service data extraction, data processing, data analysis and data sharing in Excel or browser, with unmatched applicability.

3. Big data mining platform

Through deep data modeling, it provides predictive capabilities for enterprises and one-stop process modeling, drag-and-drop operations and visual configuration experience for users.

4. SaaS analysis cloud platform

A new generation of cloud data analysis platform, self-help, rapid construction of data analysis applications.

Sheer endeavour

Explore the path of financial innovation and development

Smart Software has more than 10 years of experience in helping the transformation and development of the financial industry. We have been rooted in banks since the early days of the product, and the client industry is also focused on the financial sector. As the domestic BI manufacturer with the largest number of large financial customers, we have served more than 3,000 top customers such as Bank of China, Bank of Communications, CITIC Securities, Minsheng Bank, Shenzhen Stock Exchange, etc. For example, our financial users have covered 8 of the 11 domestic banks in the Fortune 500.

Smart Software has won recognition and support from many financial customers by relying on the big data BI product technology that has been deeply cultivated for many years. We will also continue to provide excellent digital operation solutions for the financial industry and help traditional financial enterprises reshape their business models and operation models to cope with the wave of digital transformation.

Typical financial cases:

In the future, Smart Software will adhere to the original aspiration and make persistent efforts, determined to shoulder the banner of domestic BI national software, adhere to the road of innovation and development in the field of big data BI, and continue to explore the application and practice of financial data-oriented operation, so as to develop a force for the innovation of the financial industry.