Well, a “big three balloon” 🎈, why a balloon, because it will slowly rise, higher and higher, even in the worst case, will bloom in the sky. Of course the most important reason is that I think “balloon 🎈” is the most romantic thing besides “super big lollipop 🍭”!

Because last month, I have summarized my two months of interviews and the summary of the whole university, how to say, some things really only their own heart to look inward, analysis and summary, to understand exactly what things.

Without this activity, the summary should be several months later, so now that there is, spend a night to summarize the first half of this “big three balloon”

Well, I have summarized to think 5 minutes, leng is in a daze 😊 regardless, need not write much profound, simple current account record summary ba! (A little angry)

Take three minutes to listen to a simple story about the first six months of my life: life, technology, input, output, interview, and future.


In the home

In life, he is reading the big three, fortunately, life in the past half a year did not turn up what waves, home as usual. Parents have some spiritual sustenance, also gradually harmonious, although the size of the trifles in the continuous occurrence, but in the erosion of time will also be innocuous.

I have to say that the third and fourth grades are really the time to grow up. I have been independent since CHILDHOOD, and I don’t go home at ordinary times. Although the journey from school is only one hour, I go home once every half a month on average. So little sister really imperceptibly grew up, suddenly to the shoulder, but very thin, to tell the truth, I also want to be so thin.

Big sister this semester examination, a few days ago after their busy things. Take out a period of time has been in the guidance of ideas, matters needing attention, fill in volunteer and so on. The distance between the high school entrance examination is only a few days, good refueling. Promised if admitted to high school, subsidize you to go out to have a fling (although oneself also have no source, but meaning below ha ha ha).

In general, the family as old, is a lucky thing, do not expect to develop, smooth, stable is good.

The school

There are very few courses in my junior year, and to be honest, this course does not help me much. On the other hand, it seems that you can relax yourself in class without giving yourself too much pressure. Of course, I was basically busy with my own things in class. I was also in the proper order to complete my goals and try to get a scholarship this academic year. (Hoo-hoo-hoo-hoo Scholarship)

In this semester, the pressure of the laboratory was not too great, and the preliminary work was mainly the iterative maintenance of the previous projects. In the middle, I took five or six students for exchange and guidance, and now I have brought out three students to formally participate in the laboratory project.

Later, I participated in the “intelligent identification of forestry pests” of the software cup, and was responsible for the front-end part. The project has been completed. At present, I started to prepare for the internship, so I began to hand over various things in the laboratory and write a front-end talent training plan for the laboratory, which is based on my personal experience from zero to one, then to the actual operation of enterprise projects, and finally into the training plan for job hunting. This plan is almost finished. It can be sent to nuggets to share and summarize with students

The rest of the community, organization, class to help the affairs, their own also completed the handover. When you meet a former junior or younger sister on the road, a simple hello is also a sense of existence from the heart, a real sense of existence in others.

Other than that, it’s nothing special. The biggest change is that the school library is going to break the threshold for me this semester. By my own rough calculation, I spend 4h+ in the library every day. Basically, I can only be seen in the teaching building, library or laboratory during the day, and only in the dormitory at night.


Hey, hey, hey, hey. I got my little girl back after a year. At the beginning of the love and ignore me, but every day I miss you in the night with the little girl (Lue). Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha after a lot of hardships, grabbed the tail of January, became a little girl’s boyfriend.

In the meantime to eat a variety of delicious (delicious really eat not over), walked a variety of places (Shenzhen place quickly to go all over), played a lot of a lot of things whoo-hoo. There is surprise, there is laughter, aha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha.

On ordinary times, every day on twitter, putty crooked, anyway on the murmur. Weekend is ok also ran to her (” a while ago for training, examination, it sent a pile of rice dumplings and snacks to school SOB SOB), although more than two hours of journey really tired, but really very happy.

About the long trip

  • Went to the end of the station and the Bayberry Pit (three days and two nights)

  • Went to Shunde (five days and four nights)

About the meaning

  • The first 100 days
  • The first Valentine’s Day
  • For a little girl’s birthday
  • See the parents
  • Lots and lots of firsts

Well, I don’t mean to throw dog food, but one of the biggest gains of the first half of the year is this little girl. I also think not to scatter of, have no way! Woo woo


  • In the first half of this year, I learned vite and Vite2. Yes, just use vite and then out of vite2, the document has become 2, I just started to use vite to get started under Vite2.

  • Vite2 + Vue3 was used to study the refactoring of the lab team’s website project, but I was only familiar with THE API and some code logic, and could not have a deep understanding of the technology. Recently, I need to start an actual combat project about VitE2 + Vue2 + TS.

  • Got to know Midway Serverless a little bit, but just the concept, and I don’t have the resources or the ability at this stage to get started with the technology.

  • I have learned about the incubation framework of EVa.js interactive entertainment, and maybe I will have in-depth contact with it when I do interactive entertainment rendering engine in the future.

  • About the micro front-end Qiankun, followed the big guy to do a small demo, understand the simple principle of technology and use scenarios, to my current business situation does not apply to the micro front-end technical framework.

The input

My own input, I personally simply divided into technical input and non-technical input

Non-technical input

  • Read the “human discredit”, feel too zai zhi ups and downs of life, step by step to decline, can not say against this world-weariness attitude, can only say to their own life has a little alert effect.
  • Read “Stray Birds”, did not see, read part of the feeling is not a little wonderful, a moment to understand a moment to understand.
  • Watched “Peaky Blinders”, although he watched a lot of video movies and so on, why this to say to their own input. The biggest reason is because Tommy told me that a generation of heroes needs to shoulder the pain that ordinary people can’t, the inner weakness can’t tell anyone, the vision and courage of The Times, and the unity of the whole family.
  • I saw Age of Awakening, Balloon boy! We must emancipate our minds! To be patriotic!
  • Into a lot of four or five technical groups! Know a lot of interesting little friends goose goose goose goose, you really super cute!
    • Woo woo wishes into some technical communication with big groups, with the younger brother.
  • There’s also a big shark who recently created the “Front End Shark” and wants to support him.

Technical input

  • After reading the last few chapters of the Little Red Book, I learned a lot, but I still didn’t understand.
  • Mind maps on the nuggets
  • Vue2 source
  • In the spare time, I read nearly a thousand articles. Although many of them are repeated reading or in a hurry, but in general, I do not know what use to read so many articles for the time being, but I have gained repeatedly.
  • I took the intermediate “software designer” exam, but I didn’t know if I could pass it, so I really watched nearly 200 videos (although it was multiple).
  • Next to take the “1+X” test, there is no way to graduate.
  • Watched a few big guy’s live broadcast, also record down, have a harvest (because there is no 💰, is to be free of that kind of haha)
  • I’m currently reading chapter 1 of Effective JavaScript, hoping to get through all 68 before I do my internship!
  • Adhere to 30 days of code style optimization, 13 days, continue to maintain.

The output

Individual output is the daily summary of the boiling point of learning, as well as each stage of the article. There’s a creators Center, so you can check it out.

The article has produced 19 articles since January of this year, so most have fared poorly. But each is their own summary, for their own harvest is quite big!

Boiling point, I only started using it this year. Published nearly 77 content, I personally do not brush things, the focus is to record daily learning, and content is less and feel meaningful content, convenient for their own access, rollback content.

Among others, the ~ has documented lots of fragmentation photography, various mind maps and daily articles.

The above is also my input and output in the first half of 2021!

The interview

In fact, from last year very early woke up to want to practice, from the beginning to prepare how to write a resume, how to find delivery channels and so on. It took me more than a year to finally receive the offer. Of course, the previous conditions may be the pressure forced by fear. I have been consciously forcing myself to make progress since I entered the university.

If you are interested, you can read this simple column for more details, but I will not elaborate on repetition.

In short, we must clearly realize that our own path will eventually be our own. The people around them were surprised and didn’t understand why they were looking for an internship now, when the whole senior year is devoted to finding internships. There are more people envy, actually entered a large factory internship (although I have not officially entered the job).

In fact, I was both surprised and not surprised at the realization of the final offer. Because I clearly know what I have made efforts and endured, I am not an offer harvester, more advantage is my project experience and enterprise business experience. But this is a bonus for interns, not a requirement. And I am only an ordinary two normal schools, and there is no advantage, so when the continuous cold, so in the repeated summary rollback, repeatedly hit, lonely, torment torment torment in continuous growth, fortunately, I am lucky.

Is also my pursuit of the motto of a word “need to be a stand prosperous, and endure lonely people”, bring me some candy 🍬.

So whether you’ve got what you’re reading, or you’re pursuing the offer, come on! What a blessing it would be if I could be of any help to you from my experience.

In the future

The future is the goal of the future. Break it down into short-term goals and long-term goals

Short-term goals

  • Effective JavaScript, hum!!
  • Nuggets summary, yeah!! This is the one article I want to wrap up.
  • I left the incomplete guide to the front end of the campus for the lab. I hope I can do my best to improve it.
  • Learn vue3 + Vite2 + TS case video
  • 30s code optimization to stick to it
  • Get through the semester without a hitch
  • The smooth induction ali internship to hangzhou (whoops meowed tense and exciting, anyway I can)

Long-term goal

  • Ali became a full-time intern, so I was far away in Hangzhou, but I have been working for a full-time job since I got the offer. I don’t care about other external voices, and I have my own judgment
    • Anyway, despite the efforts and strive for, the rest to heaven.
  • Shark brother’s public number, want to follow him to do well with the public number, at least the amount of articles to rise first.
  • Making money. Finally getting paid for my internship. Then save your money and do something worthwhile (wish you had the time).
  • Internship has a new stage, new world, new development!


The above is the summary of the “junior balloon” in the first half of 2021. College students, ordinary in all aspects, can only work hard. With all of you! Come on! We have the second half of the year lol!

The future can be expected, mutual encouragement

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